Week 7 NFL Quarterback Rankings – Who Has The Best Matchups


Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady have altered between one and two for most of the season, but with Rodgers in the midst of a bye week, it made my life a lot easier when deciding who’ll be at the top of the list this time around.

1. Tom Brady vs. Jets – Aaron Rodgers has a bye week, which made this decision very easy. If Edelman didn’t drop the ball, Brady would still have no picks on the season.

2. Carson Palmer vs. Ravens – He should have no problem carving up this depleted Baltimore defense at home.

3. Philip Rivers vs. Raiders – He’s currently on pace to break both the NFL records for most completions and passing yards in a season.

4. Eli Manning vs. Cowboys – The two-time Super Bowl champion has a touchdown to interception ratio of 7 to 1 at home this year.

5. Andrew Luck vs. Saints – After showing signs of being like his normal self, New Orleans coming to town should only increase Luck’s confidence.

6. Cam Newton vs. Eagles – Cam’s confidence has to be at an all-time high after his game-winning touchdown pass in Seattle.

7. Russell Wilson @ 49ers – With Seattle in a must-win situation, expect for Wilson to have a big day against this division foe.

8. Drew Brees @ Colts – Facing one of the worst pass defenses in the league should play nicely into Brees’ hands.

9. Matt Ryan @ Titans – It’s a tough matchup, but Matt Ryan is talented enough to find holes in Tennessee’s secondary.

10. Blake Bortles vs. Bills – He’s having the best quiet season of anyone right now.

11. Marcus Mariota vs. Falcons – The rookie has struggled over the past few weeks, but I think he’ll get back on track.

12. Matthew Stafford vs. Vikings – It’s been a rough year thus far, but Stafford showed why some people still believe in his ability last week.

13. Ryan Tannehill vs. Texans – As talented as Tannehill is, he hasn’t had that breakout game yet. Maybe this is the one?

14. Brian Hoyer @ Dolphins – After carving up Jacksonville, Hoyer will look to do the same thing to another Florida team.

15. Derek Carr @ Chargers – Coming off a bye week should help Carr and his Raiders offense to get back into a rhythm.

16. Tyrod Taylor vs. Jaguars – He may be a little rusty following his injury, but Jacksonville isn’t necessarily a scary opponent.

17. Sam Bradford @ Panthers – This is a very tough task, especially since he’s been struggling to fully grasp Chip Kelly’s system.

18. Alex Smith vs. Steelers – When you think about Pittsburgh, defense typically comes to mind. However, this isn’t your traditional Steelers team, but at least they’re facing Alex Smith.

19. Landy Jones @ Chiefs – When Michael Vick went down, Landry Jones came in and produced. Was it a fluke?

20. Kirk Cousins vs. Buccaneers – Turning the ball over has been a problem all year for Cousins.

21. Ryan Fitzpatrick @ Patriots – He looked solid last week, but he also wasn’t facing a Bill Belichick coached defense.

22. Matt Cassel @ Giants – One of the better backup quarterbacks in recent memory, but the key word here is “backup.”

23. Joe Flacco @ Cardinals – This probably isn’t a good time to be facing Arizona after they were embarrassed in Pittsburgh.

24. Josh McCown @ Rams – This front seven should be able to put him under constant pressure.

25. Colin Kaepernick vs. Seahawks – Facing a desperate Seattle defense spells trouble.

26. Teddy Bridgewater @ Lions – He’s been one of the biggest disappointments at his position thus far.

27. Jameis Winston @ Redskins – There’s no questioning his physical tools, but he still has a long way to go mentally.

28. Nick Foles vs. Browns – Coming off a four interception game in Green Bay can’t be good for his confidence going forward.

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