Week 4 NFL Power Rankings


  1. Denver Broncos- Trevor Siemian was tremendous in his first road start and if he plays well, this team could actually be better than last year.
  2. New England Patriots- They’re playing chess when everyone else is playing checkers.  It doesn’t seem to matter who they have under center, they devise brilliant game plans on a weekly basis.
  3. Minnesota Vikings- They have the best defense in the NFC and it’s crazy to think that a Sam Bradford led team is the best in the NFC, but they are.  Even without Adrian Peterson.
  4. Philadelphia Eagles- Carson Wentz has been great, but the play of their defense is really what has been outstanding.  Great coaching job.
  5. Green Bay Packers- Aaron Rodgers finally looked like his brilliant self and the team can win any game with No. 12 under center.
  6. Pittsburgh Steelers- For whatever reason, they always struggle in Philadelphia.  Good thing they don’t have to go there again until 2024.  Another good thing: Le’Veon Bell is back.
  7. Seattle Seahawks- I’d like to see them beat a good team before I’m convinced that the offensive line really isn’t a problem.
  8. Kansas City Chiefs- They navigated a tough part of their schedule at 2-1.  It’s a very solid team, even without Justin Houston.
  9. Baltimore Ravens- The Ravens haven’t beaten anyone that’s good, but they haven’t lost to anyone.  The schedule will catch up to them.
  10. New York Giants- They let a great chance to be 3-0 slip away against the Redskins.  Eli Manning hasn’t played at an extremely high level.
  11. Carolina Panthers- I know that they’re 1-2, but those two losses were against very good teams.  They’ll be find once they get Kelvin Benjamin even more involved on offense.
  12. Dallas Cowboys- Dak Prescott has been good enough to let Tony Romo go. They’re still not a real contender with that defense.
  13. Arizona Cardinals- They aren’t playing good football, but their talent and coaching gives them the benefit of the doubt.
  14. Cincinnati Bengals- The Bengals are a good team who has played an extremely tough schedule.  They’ll be just fine.
  15. Atlanta Falcons- They’re 2-1, with one we think quality road win over Oakland.  The defense is bad and they’re not a real contender.
  16. Oakland Raiders- I can’t figure out how good Oakland is.  They’ve played three bad teams and beat two of them.
  17. Houston Texans- The loss of J.J. Watt is a killer for them.  Brock Osweiler needs to play much better.
  18. New York Jets- Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn’t need to play well for them to win, but he can’t throw six interceptions either.
  19. Detroit Lions- They’re proven in the first three weeks that they have the ability to beat any team in the NFL and lose to any team in the NFL.
  20. Indianapolis Colts- It’s not a good roster, but I have the feeling that the Colts are about to go on a run.
  21. Los Angeles Rams- They should probably be higher, but how much confidence can you have in a Fisher-Keenum ticket?
  22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Good players in a bad culture of losing.  They will probably play up or down to their opponents all year.
  23. Buffalo Bills- They fire the offensive coordinator and the defense plays a great game.  The Bills are tough to figure out.
  24. Washington Redskins- Kirk Cousins isn’t a great quarterback, but it’s a pretty good roster around him. DeSean Jackson is better than you think.
  25. Miami Dolphins- I dropped them two spots for nearly losing to Cleveland.  Ryan Tannehill is Jay Cutler.
  26. San Diego Chargers- So much bad injury luck for San Diego. Mike McCoy doesn’t have much of a chance.
  27. Tennessee Titans- Marcus Mariota isn’t developing all that well in his second year.
  28. San Francisco 49ers- It’s a horrible roster with a whimsical coach.  That coach needs to bench Blaine Gabbert.
  29. Jacksonville Jaguars- Good roster but woefully underprepared on a weekly basis.  The losing culture needs to be broken.
  30. New Orleans Saints- The season is over after three weeks.  They have a CFL level defense.
  31. Chicago Bears- At least they have Jay Cutler…..Their best quarterback option is Jay Cutler.
  32. Cleveland Browns- They’re in the middle of a complete rebuild, but they play hard and look prepared.

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Charlie Bernstein

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