Week 2 Power Rankings Bonanza- Whose Seat Is Hottest?


As we move on with our “Power Rankings Bonanza,” it’s time to take the temperature of some of the hottest seats for coaches in the National Football League.

1. Gus Bradley, Jacksonville Jaguars

If we were ranking the nicest head coaches in the league, Gus would also have the top spot, but with another loss, albeit a very competitive one, Bradley is running out of chances to be the team’s head coach for 2017.  The talent is finally on the roster and after 12 wins in the first three years combined it’s time for Bradley’s team to take a major step forward.  They did that on Sunday, but it simply wasn’t enough to overcome the near perfect play of Aaron Rodgers.  Come hell or high water, the Jaguars need to win eight games and if they don’t someone else will likely be coaching the team in 2017.

2. Rex Ryan, Buffalo Bills

It appears that Ryan finally fixed his defense (at least for one week), but there’s plenty of work to do when the offense scores just seven points.  All of the injuries and suspensions might just be enough to spare Rex his job, but if the Bills take a step back from what they did last year it will likely lead to a change in the ranks and not one, but both Ryan brothers will be unemployed.  We can’t have Ryan’s with nothing to do running the streets.

3. Mike Mularkey, Tennessee Titans

Outside of Amy Adams Strunk (not the hot, talented actress), virtually nobody thought that it was a particularly good idea to take Mike Mularkey’s interim label off and give him the full-time head coaching gig of the Titans.  Here the Titans are with a solid offseason of acquisitions and a guy who has proven that he can’t win as a head coach, at head coach.  Tennessee was blown out at home by a backup quarterback and that probably won’t be the only time that occurs this year.

4. Jeff Fisher, Los Angeles Rams

Jeff Fisher is only on this list because he absolutely deserves to be, not because we think he’ll actually be let go.  Nobody embodies the term mediocrity quite as well as Fisher, and after his team put up as many points as you did on Monday against the hapless San Francisco 49ers, there has to be at least a whisper that the Rams might consider going in a different direction.  At least he won’t get his contract extension for a couple more weeks.

5. Mike McCoy, San Diego Chargers

Mike McCoy might be the best actual coach on this list, but he’s saddled with probably the worst roster of anyone on the list.  His team blew an 18-point lead to the Kansas City Chiefs only to lose in overtime and they even lost Philip Rivers’ best offensive weapon in Keenan Allen in the process.  McCoy’s crew is probably headed for a rough year and another double-digit loss season might not be something he can survive.

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