Week 12 NFL Power Rankings


  1. New England Patriots 10-0: The last couple of weeks the New England Patriots have not looked like the best team in football, but they’re the defending champions and they haven’t lost a game. That’s always going to be enough to stay at the top.
  2. Carolina Panthers 10-0: It would be one thing if the Panthers were sneaking by average teams like the Redskins, instead they’re throttling them. Carolina’s 10-0 start is absolutely not a fluke.
  3. Arizona Cardinals 8-2: The Arizona Cardinals pulled off a huge victory over the Bengals on Sunday night. With a three-game lead over Seattle with six to play, the Cardinals are in the driver’s seat in the NFC West.
  4. Cincinnati Bengals 8-2: The Cincinnati Bengals have lost two in a row, but unlike with their loss against Houston a week earlier, the Bengals have nothing to hang their heads about when it comes to their close loss to Arizona.
  5. Denver Broncos 8-2: The Denver Broncos are outstanding on defense, but they’ve still got a question mark at the quarterback position despite Brock Osweiler’s solid play in his debut. The good news is the Broncos have gotten this far without great or even good quarterback play. If they can solidify the position, they could be as dangerous as ever.
  6. Green Bay Packers 7-3: Hey, there you are Green Back Packers! After three consecutive losses, the Packers got back on track Sunday beating the Vikings and propelling themselves back into first place in the NFC North.
  7. Minnesota Vikings 7-3: The Minnesota Vikings dropped a big game against Green Bay Sunday with an opportunity to go two games ahead in the NFC North, but these are the growing pains that young teams have to go through.
  8. Seattle Seahawks 5-5: At this point it’s not even a lock that the Seattle Seahawks make the playoffs, but with a team that’s been where Seattle has the last two years, you can guarantee nobody outside of Seattle wants them to.
  9. Pittsburgh Steelers 6-4: The Pittsburgh Steelers would be the top wild card team in the AFC if the season ended today, but with all of the injuries they’ve battled this season it just doesn’t feel like it’s their year.
  10. Atlanta Falcons 6-4: The Atlanta Falcons are in a tailspin since starting the season 5-0. If they’re not careful they could go from what looked like a playoff lock to looking up at the surging Buccaneers.
  11. Buffalo Bills 5-5: The Buffalo Bills are right in the thick of the wild card race, and with the best defense of the teams fighting for a playoff spot, the Bills could be dangerous heading into the ugly winter months.
  12. New York Jets 5-5: The Jets dropped the ball against the Texans on Sunday, and now the team that looked like it might be the most improved team in football may end up on the outside of the playoff picture.
  13. Indianapolis Colts 5-5: On the one hand you could be concerned because of the health of Andrew Luck, but on the other hand, Matt Hasselbeck is 3-0 this season.
  14. New York Giants 5-5: The New York Giants are coming off of their bye week and after another late game collapse. This team should be feeling better about themselves than they are, but if they can hang on in the NFC East and make the playoffs, their offense will make them dangerous.
  15. Kansas City Chiefs 5-5: For all of his shortcomings as an NFL head coach, Andy Reid deserves some credit for the way the Chiefs have turned this season around. They looked awful earlier this year, and now they’re right in the thick of things.
  16. Houston Texans 5-5: The Houston Texans aren’t pushing anyone around, but they’re not getting pushed around right now, and they’ve got a real shot at winning the AFC South. There was a time this season when that seemed completely unlikely.
  17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5-5: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are .500 for what seems like the first time in eternity, and they’re coming off of back to back wins for the first time under Lovie Smith. The Bucs are the youngest team in football, and they’re clearly heading in the right direction.
  18. Oakland Raiders 4-6: For all of the optimism in Oakland earlier this season, three consecutive losses has the Raiders on the outside of the playoff picture looking in at the moment. A matchup with Tennessee this weekend should help them get right.
  19. Miami Dolphins 4-6: Remember all that excitement about Dan Campbell? It wouldn’t be a surprise if you don’t, as the Dolphins are right back in the doldrums of mediocrity.
  20. Dallas Cowboys 3-7: The Dallas Cowboys are 3-7 and the playoffs are still a long shot in Dallas despite all of the, “Tony Romo is back and the Cowboys are going to the Super Bowl,” nonsense you may have heard since Sunday.
  21. Philadelphia Eagles 4-6: The wheels have officially fallen off in Philadelphia. Whether you want to point to the Eagles getting waxed by the Buccaneers Sunday or the subsequent finger pointing, there’s plenty of evidence that Chip has lost control of the Philly locker room.
  22. Washington Redskins 4-6: The Washington Redskins have been better than expected this season, but Sunday they got to see what a good football team looks like when they were hammered by Carolina.
  23. New Orleans Saints 4-6: At 4-6, the New Orleans Saints playoff chances are slim to none. Watching their defense this season makes you lean towards the latter.
  24. St. Louis Rams 4-6: The Rams are far too talented to look as bad as they’ve looked on too many Sundays this season. Jeff Fisher’s seat can’t be very comfortable right now, and it shouldn’t be.
  25. Chicago Bears 4-6: It’s unlikely that Bears fans are enjoying all of the moral victories, but Chicago probably shouldn’t have hung around against Denver just like they probably shouldn’t be 4-6.
  26. Cleveland Browns 2-8: The Cleveland Browns stink, but at least they’re doing the right thing by handing the reins to Johnny Manziel to find out if he’s the future.
  27. Detroit Lions 3-7: The Lions have won two games in a row, but unfortunately for everyone in Detroit, it’s too little, too late.
  28. San Francisco 49ers 3-7: Is there a bad team that looks like it has less direction than the San Francisco 49ers? We’ll wait for your answer…..
  29. Jacksonville Jaguars 4-6: Waiting for the Jacksonville Jaguars are like waiting for that one aunt who can never get to Thanksgiving dinner on time. They might get there, but it’s taking way longer than you expected.
  30. Baltimore Ravens 3-7: It’s getting to the point in the year where fans of teams like the Ravens start to struggle with whether hurting their draft position is worth the gratification of getting a win.
  31. San Diego Chargers 2-8: The San Diego Chargers might be the worst team in football, but for now we’ll give them the nod over Tennessee just because of Philip Rivers.
  32. Tennessee Titans 2-8: Unlike last season, the Tennessee Titans are not the most boring story in football, but very much like last year, they might just be the worst.

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