Week 11 NFL Quarterback Rankings – Who Has The Best Matchups


For the first time all season, Aaron Rodgers isn’t in the top two. If you were to tell me a few weeks ago that this would be the case, laughter probably would’ve ensued.

However, this is where we’re currently at with the quarterback rankings for Week 11.

1. Tom Brady vs. Bills – In their first meeting, Brady threw for over 400 yards to go along with three touchdowns.

2. Carson Palmer vs. Bengals – For some reason, no one is mentioning Palmer in MVP discussions.  He has a tough matchup, but he’s playing the best football of his career.

3. Derek Carr @ Lions – Detroit’s defense was impressive against Rodgers, but every dog has it’s day, right? Carr should put up at least two touchdowns.

4. Aaron Rodgers @ Vikings – He may not be in the top two this week, however, I couldn’t put him any lower. He’s due.

5. Cam Newton vs. Redskins – His confidence is at an all-time high against a pretty mediocre defense.

6. Tony Romo @ Dolphins – Look who’s back. Romo may be a little rusty, but having Dez Bryant to throw to will make life easier.

7. Philip Rivers vs. Chiefs – The team success isn’t where Rivers would like, but individually, he’s been impressive. He hasn’t throw an interception this month.

8. Andy Dalton @ Cardinals – He’s been struggling recently and things won’t get easier in Arizona. With that being said, after losing their first game of the season, expect to see a very focused Dalton.

9. Marcus Mariota @ Jaguars – The rookie will have plenty of opportunities to exploit the league’s 24th ranked pass defense.

10. Matt Ryan vs. Colts – Facing one of the worst pass defenses in the league should bode well for a struggling Matt Ryan.

11. Jameis Winston @ Eagles – Philly’s secondary is very versatile, which will cause problems, but Winston should be able to do some damage on the ground in the red zone.

12. Russell Wilson vs. 49ers – This is an absolute must win for Seattle, which means Wilson needs to be on his “A” game.  And they own the Niners.

13. Kirk Cousins @ Panthers – The Redskins won’t be putting up 47 points on this defense like they did against New Orleans, but you have to believe Cousins’ confidence is very high heading into this matchup.

14. Alex Smith @ Chargers – Kansas City’s offense hasn’t had trouble moving the ball lately. The problem is putting the ball into the end zone.

15. Tyrod Taylor @ Patriots – Historically, dual-threat quarterbacks like Taylor give New England problems.  Taylor will play better than he did the first time around against Belichick’s D.

16. Teddy Bridgewater vs. Packers – Green Bay’s defense looked like world beaters throughout the first several weeks. Lately, they have took a step backwards, while Bridgewater is careful with the football.

17. Joe Flacco vs. Rams – It was tough sledding with Steve Smith Sr., now things are just that much harder and facing St. Louis won’t make things any easier.

18. Matthew Stafford vs. Raiders – Although Oakland’s defense isn’t one of the best out there, you just never know what to expect from Stafford.

19. Blake Bortles vs . Titans – Tennessee’s defense doesn’t budge at all.

20. Matt Hasselback @ Falcons – In place of Andrew Luck, Indy just wants Hasselback to win ball games. His stats aren’t meant to be jaw dropping.

21. Ryan Tannehill vs. Cowboys – Dallas’ defense has been one of the biggest surprises this year and with Romo returning, this unit will be inspired.

22. Jay Cutler vs. Broncos – After losing two straight games, Denver will be an angry bunch.  Oh yeah, Aqib Talib will be returning, which isn’t good news for Cutler.

23. Brock Osweiler @ Bears – All eyes will be on him as he makes his first career NFL start. Expect to see flashes of good things, but he’ll have a lot of teaching moments as well.

24. Mark Sanchez vs. Buccaneers – Protecting the ball is the primary goal for Sanchez.

25. Ryan Fitzpatrick @ Texans – Whenever you face Houston, JJ Watt has to be on your mind as a quarterback.

26. T.J. Yates vs. Jets – It’s never easy when facing this stout secondary.

27. Blaine Gabbert @ Seahawks – Facing a desperate Seattle defense on the road is a recipe for disaster for Gabbert.

28. Case Keenum @ Ravens – Jeff Fisher created shock waves after announcing Case Keenum as his starting quarterback moving forward. He can’t be much worse than Nick Foles or can he?

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