Week 11 NFL Power Rankings


  1. New England Patriots 9-0: The Patriots were able to stay undefeated this weekend, but they look like a team that’s in a lot of trouble if they don’t start getting healthy. That Giants gifted them the win this weekend, but that won’t happen in the playoffs.
  2. Carolina Panthers 9-0: Remember early in the season when we said “they can’t keep doing this.” Yea, apparently we were all wrong about this group. Cam Newton is an MVP candidate and the once maligned Ron Rivera has to be almost a lock for coach of the year.
  3. Cincinnati Bengals 8-1: There’s absolutely no reason to panic in Cincinnati after one bad game, especially if they look at the landscape of the AFC.
  4. Arizona Cardinals 7-2: After a couple of head scratching performances, the Cardinals bounced back this week with a huge victory over the Seahawks to take a stranglehold on the NFC West, who also saw the Rams fall.
  5. Minnesota Vikings 7-2: Even those of us who thought the Vikings were really on the verge of something in Minnesota did not expect this team to be 7-2. Certainly, nobody thought they’d be in first place ahead of the Packers this late into the year.
  6. Green Bay Packers 6-3: Even after three straight losses, it’s still hard to believe that things are as bad in Green Bay as some would have you believe. Maybe we’re getting to the point where we have too much faith in Aaron Rodgers.
  7. Denver Broncos 7-2: The Broncos might be 7-2, but things seem much more dire than that with the injury to Peyton Manning. They might hold onto a playoff spot over the final seven games, but does anyone think they have a shot if they can’t get Peyton back to 100%?
  8. Atlanta Falcons 6-3: It’s always interesting to see how a team with a new head coach comes out of a bye. When you watch the Falcons, it’s clear they’re still figuring things out, but in this NFC, just getting into the playoffs makes you a Super Bowl contender.
  9. Pittsburgh Steelers 6-4: When Ben Roethlisberger went down for the second time this season, it seemed like all hope might be lost for Pittsburgh. Suddenly the Steelers are looking very good in an AFC that looks wide open right now.
  10. Seattle Seahawks 4-5: It’s getting a little late in the season for the Seahawks to just flip the switch. You could see in their fight against Arizona that this is still a good, well coached football team, but at this point they’re just hoping to snag a playoff spot.
  11. Buffalo Bills 5-4: All of a sudden the Bills have won two in a row, and Rex Ryan is once again feeling good about his team’s playoff chances. This team looks to be built for the winter months, so this should be an interesting final seven weeks.
  12. New York Jets 5-4: We said before the season that the Jets might be the most improved team in football. Sometimes they make us feel very good about that prediction, and at other times, like this Sunday against the Bills, not so much.
  13. Oakland Raiders 4-5: There’s no question that the Raiders are building something in Oakland, but recently they’ve decided to remind us how young they are.
  14. Philadelphia Eagles 4-5: Eagles fans can’t be thrilled at the way this year is going, but the good news is they may not lose that much in having to go to Mark Sanchez under center.
  15. St. Louis Rams 4-5: This really felt like the year that the Rams would stop being so bipolar and would start to find some consistency. Perhaps it might be time for Jeff Fisher to update the old resume.
  16. New York Giants 5-5: The New York Giants have given three games away this season in inexcusable fashion. As sloppy as this team has been, they should be sitting at 8-2. However, finding ways to win games late instead of coughing them up is often what separates the good from the mediocre.
  17. Indianapolis Colts 4-5: The Colts are still in first place coming out of their bye week, but they’re now tied atop the division with the Texans who pulled off the upset victory over the Bengals Monday night.
  18. Houston Texans 4-5: We were never sure about Houston’s offense, but Monday night we finally saw the Texans’ defense we had been expecting all season. If they can pull off a victory against the Jets Sunday, they may actually even be in the wild card picture, and that’s something you never thought you’d be saying a couple weeks ago.
  19. Miami Dolphins 4-5: Even after the victory over Philadelphia Sunday, The Dolphins are in last place in the AFC East, and that will be a difficult hole to climb out of.
  20. Kansas City Chiefs 4-5: We all thought the Chiefs were doomed after they lost Jamaal Charles, but all of a sudden they’ve snuck back into the pack.
  21. Washington Redskins 4-5: We’ve been saying all year that while the Redskins aren’t that good, they’re better than we thought they’d be. Sunday they looked even better than that.
  22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-5: Don’t look now but the Buccaneers are 4-5 and are a couple of bounces away from 6-3. There’s still a lot to clean up in Tampa, but Lovie Smith has this team headed in the right direction, and Jameis Winston has a whole lot of grown men believing.
  23. Chicago Bears 4-5: The fact that the Bears are 4-5 and just waxed a much more talented Rams team says a ton about John Fox. This roster still has a long way to go.
  24. New Orleans Saints 4-6: Drew Brees has recently been proving those who thought he was finished wrong, but Sunday the Saints defense showed why it doesn’t really matter. This team gave up just shy of 100 points to the Giants and Redskins combined.
  25. Dallas Cowboys 2-7: We all know this season would have gone much differently with Tony Romo, but that won’t matter when they’re watching games from their couch in January either.
  26. San Francisco 49ers 3-6: The 49ers are coming off of their bye week and have decided to stick with Blaine Gabbert at starting quarterback. That sentence would be all you need to know about their season if you had no idea what their record was!
  27. Cleveland Browns 2-8: If the Browns go back to Josh McCown now that they’re 2-8, they should be fired. All of them, from ownership down.
  28. San Diego Chargers 2-7: The Chargers might be better than the Cleveland Browns, but the way they’ve played this season, who cares?
  29. Detroit Lions 2-7: Sunday’s victory over the Packers is exactly why we refused to call Detroit the worst team in football once this season regardless of what their record said. The Lions are bad, but they aren’t worst team in football bad.
  30. Jacksonville Jaguars 3-6: The Jaguars broke a 13-game road losing streak Sunday in Baltimore. Cue the parade in the city of Jacksonville, and maybe in England, I suppose.
  31. Tennessee Titans 2-7: Marcus Mariota has had a pretty solid start to his rookie season. You can’t say that much about most of his teammates though.
  32. Baltimore Ravens 2-7: Are the Baltimore Ravens the worst team in football? Probably not, but when you let the Jags break their 13-game road losing streak in your place, you get to hold the seat for at least a week.

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