Tom Brady Didn’t Hear Roger Goodell Chants


Ever since Tom Brady lost the battle with Roger Goodell over the whole ‘deflategate’ situation, Patriots fans have had an ongoing beef with the commissioner. Brady was suspended for the first four games of the regular-season, but they managed to go 3-1 during that stretch.

However, that isn’t stopping Pats fans from trolling Goodell.

During the AFC Championship Game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, fans were chanting “where is Roger”, since the commish elected to attend the NFC Championship Game in Atlanta.

After the game, Brady was asked about the chant.

“I didn’t hear that chant,” Brady insisted. “I did hear them singing to Bon Jovi, though, that was pretty cool.”

Whether or not Brady is lying who knows, but at this point, all he’s worried about is winning a fifth Super Bowl championship.

Source: CSNNE

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