Teams That Should Stick With Their Head Coaches


Roughly one quarter of the NFL changes coaching staffs every year.  Whereas we live in a win-now type of world with little patience from fan bases, continuity is usually the best approach, even if it means some upset fans.

One of the reasons why patience should be preached is simply the lack of great head coaching candidates available.

When people in “The Big Apple” call for Tom Coughlin’s head, do you really believe that the next guy for the job will be better than the two-time Super Bowl winning head coach?

Going the “hot coordinator” route has just as many misses as going with a “retread head coach.”  In many situations, it’s simply a matter of change for the sake of change.  Sometimes that change doesn’t equate to anything more than setting a team back another three to four years before you do it again.

We’re going to look at some teams that should give their head coaches another shot in 2016.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley might be the nicest guy in the NFL.  That alone isn’t a reason to keep him in charge, but his team has made significant progress from last year to this year.  If Bradley is going to keep his job, and we think he will, he may have to let go of defensive coordinator Bob Babich, who simply hasn’t been able to put together a solid scheme for the personnel he has.  A lot of that falls on Bradley as well, being that he’s a defensive coach, but if he passes the buck it should buy him one more year.

San Diego Chargers

Chargers head coach Mike McCoy has had a pair of better than .500 seasons before the 2015 disaster.  With the amount of injuries and lack of depth that San Diego proved to have, there’s very few, if any coaches that would have won with that particular roster.  It’s easy to cut ties with McCoy after this year’s debacle, but his team is well prepared every week and they play hard, as referenced by their eight losses by one score or loss.  McCoy needs more players and he’s proven that he can adjust his scheme to his personnel.

New York Giants

Are the Giants a bad team because of Tom Coughlin, or are they a bad team because they have the worst pass defense in the NFL?  Coughlin hasn’t had a great season as they let two games slip away solely on poor clock management.  With that said, their defense has given up game winning scores late in games five times this season.  The Giants issues go past Coughlin and into the front office with general manager Jerry Reese, who’s done a poor job of drafting.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles turned over the keys to the franchise to Chip Kelly and now they’re suffering because of it.  Kelly has a vision and it would be ridiculous to not let him at least partially see it through.  This will be the worst season of Kelly’s career and not all of it is on him.  He tried to upgrade the quarterback position and although Sam Bradford is far from great, he’s better than the guy they traded away to get him in Nick Foles.  Kelly deserves at least one more year to see if his personnel can come through.  If not, perhaps a reassignment back to head coach is in order.

New Orleans Saints

The Saints defense is abysmal, but it doesn’t mean that head coach Sean Payton isn’t doing a good job.  Payton has been there a long time and if New Orleans were to part ways with him, he would be unemployed for as long as he wants to be.  Payton is one of the best head coaches in the NFL and letting him go would simply be change for the sake of change.  He’s the best head coach in the history of the franchise and they will not find a better man for the job.



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