Steve Smith Reveals What Keeps Him Motivated to Play


At the age of 37, no one will be surprised if Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith decides to hang up the cleats after the season. However, the veteran has one thing that keeps him going on Sundays.

“There are times when I go out there and play and I look at it like this,” he said. “Everybody has kids, right? I want my son, if he decides to play, he’s playing against a guy who possibly I played against his dad, and [he can say] my dad beat you like a drum, so I’m going to beat you like a drum.

“Generational ass whoopings. I look at it like that. Just like anything else, an opportunity to brag. Or, I like playing a guy and the next time I’m on TV, his mom says, I hate him. Why? Because I beat your son. I got your son fired.”

What an interesting way to look at it.

Source: NFL

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