Stephen Jones Confident Romo Situation Will Be Handled


Following the play of Dak Prescott during his rookie campaign, there’s no way Tony Romo will be getting his starting job back. However, Romo could wind up being a starter elsewhere.

When asked about the situation, Jerry Jones’ son, Stephen, didn’t want to step on his father’s toes.

“I’m sure as we move forward, obviously, there’s two really important people in this mix,” Stephen said. “First and foremost will be Jerry and then, of course, Tony. I read where Jason said his wish is that Tony, whatever happens here, is happy. I’m sure most people feel that way. At the same time, we all know we’re in a business. It’s something here that will be, obviously, handled with, if you will, kid gloves. And something that we’ll work through and when we’re ready to have any comments about it, I know Jerry and Tony will be the ones to do that.”

Considering Romo’s cap hit is set to be $24 million next season, there’s no way the Cowboys can keep a backup at such a steep price.

Source: Dallas Morning News

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