Sean Payton Explains How Saints Can Improve Defense


Despite the throwing prowess of Drew Brees, it doesn’t matter when the New Orleans Saints defense is consistently near the bottom of the league. Considering Brees is at the age of 38, this franchise must figure out a way to put together a solid defensive unit.

Head coach Sean Payton remains optimistic.

“We have to improve our defense,” Payton said. “I was just asked this question earlier on the show. Specifically, we’ve got to find a way to get a couple pressure players in this draft. I think this draft is a pretty strong draft defensively when you’re looking at safety, when you’re looking at corner. It’s a strong draft at running back as well. But I think both in free agency and the draft, we’ve got to help that side of the ball. This is the year we finished in a lot of tough games and had some tough losses. But I love the draft class we just had and we need to partner with another good one.”

The Saints ranked 31st in points allowed per game (28.4).

Source: NFL

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