Roger Goodell On Why Team Relocation Is Painful


Over the past year, the NFL has sent two teams to Los Angeles, the Rams and now the Chargers. Considering how big of a market LA is, it makes sense as to why commissioner Goodell would want professional football in the ‘city of angels’.

However, the process is very uneasy for Goodell.

“We’re all disappointed and we all worked very, very hard with local officials, with the Chargers, with the Spanos family, with all of our clubs and we did some unprecedented things to try and keep the Chargers in San Diego, which was our first priority,” Goodell said. “That’s why all of our relocations, these are painful processes. They’re painful for our fans, they’re painful for the communities in general, they’re painful for the NFL, and so we always work to avoid that and we did that in San Diego.

While there’s plenty of emotion involved when relocations happen, Goodell understands it’s business at the end of the day.

“So for us it is disappointing. We would have loved to have the Chargers in San Diego. I think Dean Spanos would be the first to tell you that. But we have to look forward, we have to look long-term and we have to ultimately make sure we’re doing what’s best for each of our franchises but with a very, very strong consideration to making sure we’ve done everything possible for our fans.”

With the Raiders applying to move to Las Vegas, they could be the next team to relocate.

Source: NFL

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