NFL AM: Week 10 Observations


Tennessee 47, Green Bay 25

The Titans offense is beginning to gel and Marcus Mariota is taking his game to the next level.  Make no mistake, Tennessee is a real contender to win the AFC South….The Packers are just an average team with a great quarterback.  The wide receivers route concepts don’t help Aaron Rodgers and their offensive line has been bad.

Washington 26, Minnesota 20

Don’t tell anyone but Kirk Cousins is having a pretty good season, and he’s likely going to get a huge contract in the offseason.  As bad as the NFC East that the ‘Skins won last year, this Washington team might be better and probably won’t sniff the postseason…..The Vikings can’t block anyone and the defense can no longer pick up the slack.

Tampa Bay 36, Chicago 10

The Bucs finally won at home, but that doesn’t mean they’re anything close to a real contender….The Bears have a long rebuild ahead of them, and they are probably a few years away from thinking about being competitive.

Kansas City 20, Carolina 17

Kansas City didn’t play a particularly good game and should feel fortunate to have won.  Good teams sometimes have to win that way…..The Panthers bid to defend their NFC title is done, and this year is more reflective of their talent level than last year’s 15-1 campaign.

Philadelphia 24, Atlanta 15

It had been a while since we saw bad Matt Ryan.  The Falcons still seem like the best team in the NFC South mess….The Eagles are the best last place team in the NFL.  They’re not a contender this year, but good things are on the horizon.

Los Angeles 9, New York Jets 6

How bad must Jared Goff be to not see the field right now?  Hopefully he’s better than Bryce Petty, who couldn’t do much of anything on Sunday.

Denver 25, New Orleans 23

The Broncos probably shouldn’t have won, but they did.  They still have major issues with Trevor Siemian at quarterback and it’s only a matter of time before they make the change to Paxton Lynch…..The Saints loss may have cost them the postseason.  The offense seems to be peaking right now. 

Houston 24, Jacksonville 21

The Texans may be the worst 6-3 team in the history of the NFL.  Brock Osweiler is no good and they’re pretty average on defense without J.J. Watt…..The Jaguars are completely broken and I’m not sure what can fix them.  Blake Bortles has regressed significantly and it looks like he has no confidence.

Miami 31, San Diego 24

The Dolphins are the worst 5-4 team in the NFL, but they’ll take it.  Ryan Tannehill actually played a solid game and a few more of those and Miami could compete for a wildcard…..If Philip Rivers turns the ball over the Chargers can’t beat anyone.  Their season is over.

Dallas 35, Pittsburgh 30

The Cowboys are playing inspired football and a big part of that has to do with the offensive line mauling people.  Dak and Zeke have been tremendous, but the line is making their success possible….The Steelers are in the right division to rebound, but they need to start playing some semblance of defense or more ball control offense.

Arizona 23, San Francisco 20

The Cardinals should have won by more than three points against the 49ers, and they don’t seem anything close to the contenders they were last year…..Colin Kaepernick played his best game of the season but it wasn’t enough.  This is probably his last year as an NFL starter.

Seattle 31, New England 24

The Seahawks played championship football and Russell Wilson was excellent.  They seem to be hitting their stride….The Patriots simply got beat by a better football team at home.  We didn’t think there was a better football team.

New York Giants 21, Cincinnati 20

The Giants might actually be a legitimate contender if their defensive line continues to play well….The Bengals core on defense is getting older and they might have missed their window.

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