Matt Ryan Regrets Taking Crucial Sack


Before Julian Edelman’s unreal catch between three defenders, Atlanta Falcons All-Pro receiver Julio Jones hauled in a pretty impressive catch of his own near the sideline.

With the catch, the Falcons were clearly in field goal range, but a sack and holding penalty forced Atlanta to punt the football and the rest is history.

Instead of taking the sack, MVP Matt Ryan is left wondering what he could’ve done differently.

“For me, I wish I could have found a way to throw it away and not lose that yardage — that would have been important for us,” Ryan said. “That drive, in particular, where we had it down to about the 20-yard line and didn’t come away with points and the drive right (after) that where we had a short-field opportunity after the onside kick, to me those are two opportunities to close and it’s pretty disappointing that we didn’t do it.”

Maybe next year.

Source: NFL

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