Marvin Lewis Compares Extra Point Rule To Rugby


Just like everyone else, the Cincinnati Bengals defeated the lonely Cleveland Browns 23-10. With the playoffs out the picture, head coach Marvin Lewis has time to worry about other things, such as rule changes.

During the game against their in-state foe, Cleveland blocked an extra point and returned it to midfield. This is the result of a recent rule change that allows teams to return extra points, ala blocked field goals. Nonetheless, Lewis isn’t a fan of the rule.

“We had a rugby play,” Lewis said. “That’s just not good for football because guys can get hurt on plays like that. That’s what I was worried about.”

Throughout the play, there were four successful laterals completed. Once the ball hits the ground, the play is ruled dead.

“That’s the kind of play where guys get hurt,” he said. “There have been too many game-changing plays that have occurred on that this season.”

One mus wonder would Lewis be complaining if the tables were turned and Cincy wound up returning it to the end zone.

Source: ESPN

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