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Marshall: ‘I’d have buyer’s remorse’ on Cutler


Wide receiver Brandon Marshall is done taking hits for the Chicago Bears this season, but his candid reply to a question about Jay Cutler’s contract Monday night showed Marshall can dish it out, too.

Marshall appeared on his weekly radio show on ESPN 1000 at a bar in Algonquin, Ill., outside of Chicago on Monday and said he understands the business mentality that the Bears could regret signing Cutler to a long-term contract before the 2014 season.

“What I would say is we all know Jay is more than capable of getting it done. It doesn’t always fall on him,” Marshall said. “I guess that’s why those guys are the highest paid players out there. Because when you win and everything is going good, they get all the glory. And when it’s bad, they take more than what they should take. But I can understand that as far as as a business man, I would have buyer’s remorse, too.”

Marshall is out for the season with a lung and rib injury that forced him to be hospitalized during last Thursday’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Cutler defended Marshall, who is having his worst statistical season since his rookie year.

Marshall signed a three-year, $30 million deal before the season. Cutler signed for $126 million over seven years, with three years guaranteed.

“He’s a big guy and has taken a lot of crazy hits over the years,” Cutler said of Marshall. “He doesn’t stay down. So whenever he stays down you know something is seriously wrong. We’re all worried about him. He’s our guy, and hopefully he’ll get back sooner rather than later.”

Coach Marc Trestman said Friday that either Marquess Wilson or Josh Morgan would replace Marshall against New Orleans, but with the Bears only a win by a couple of teams from being eliminated, letting backup Jimmy Clausen play seems a logical possibility if the team wants to look to the future.

“Jay is our quarterback,” Trestman said. “If he’s available to play, he’s going to play. Jimmy is continuing to work in the offense and he practices and we certainly like having him on our football team, but as we get ready for New Orleans next week, Jay will get the reps and he’ll be playing.”

Cutler admitted to frustration after a season that began with high expectations has now spiraled into one that has made the future uncertain.

“It’s got to be No. 1, I think,” Cutler said when asked where the disappointment of this year ranks. “Like (reporters) said, expectations coming into this one were extremely high and since the first game we haven’t done a good enough job, week in and week out. So it adds up.

“That being said, we can’t cash it in. We’ve got to still continue to build on this and find ways to get better and better each week.”

Cutler said he still has confidence in the coaching staff.

“I’ve been on teams where you went (out) on Sunday and you just knew the plan wasn’t going to be good enough,” Cutler said. “I’ve never lined up with this crew and felt this plan isn’t going to get it done, or we don’t have enough, or we’re outmatched, or we’re outschemed. That’s never been a thought of mine.”

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