Making Each NFL Team Great Again


You may have voted for or against President-Elect Donald Trump, or even abstained, but his campaign slogan of “Make America Great Again” can somewhat be applied to the NFL.  We’re going to look at how we can make each NFL team great again, beginning in the AFC.

New England Patriots

The Patriots are already great, so they really don’t need much of any fixing.  With quarterback Tom Brady seemingly getting better with age, there doesn’t seem to be much of a closing window of the New England dynasty.  If we have to split hairs, some more offensive line talent would be nice in case of a playoff matchup with the Denver Broncos and their fierce pass rush.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills seem relatively close to getting to the next level, but they need a more consistent passing attack.  A healthy Sammy Watkins would certainly help, along with the ability of Tyrod Taylor to go through his progressions better.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have some nice pieces, but they need better play from their secondary.  They also need quarterback Ryan Tannehill to probably be something more than he is, just a sub-mediocre signal caller.

New York Jets

The Jets need a reboot at quarterback and in the secondary.  Todd Bowles may or may not be the right guy for the head coaching job and a secondary with a sure fire Hall of Famer in Darrelle Revis has gone bad quickly.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals run defense has been inexplicably bad and their offensive line hasn’t been particularly good despite having significant draft investments in it.  Better line play would make Cincinnati a truly great team.

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens aren’t as good as their record (which isn’t all that good) and one of the main reasons has been the lack of weapons around Joe Flacco.  Flacco is a better than average quarterback and if he had better than average weapons, they would carry the day.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Gone are the days of Troy Polamalu and a fierce defense leading the way for Pittsburgh.  The Steelers defense is mediocre on a good day and if their offense isn’t clicking on all cylinders, they can lose to almost anyone.

Cleveland Browns

There are so many things necessary to make the Browns great, there probably isn’t enough space on the internet to fit them all.  They should just be thankful for Terrelle Pryor, Joe Thomas and Jamie Collins.

Houston Texans

The Texans would be great if they had a real, NFL starting quarterback.  Not just someone paid like a starting quarterback.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are basically the Browns with a great young quarterback and TY Hilton.  There’s not much else to like about the roster, and even less to like about the front office and coaching staff.

Tennessee Titans

The Titans might be the closest team in the AFC South to being really good considering that they already have a functional quarterback and some pieces defensively.  Tennessee needs to get Marcus Mariota some more weapons on the outside and perhaps a better coach than Mike Mularkey.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars roster doesn’t look too bad, except when you see them play on Sundays.  They desperately need an NFL caliber coaching staff and for quarterback Blake Bortles to somehow find the throwing mechanics he had last year.

Oakland Raiders

The Raiders are building a monster, and they could be legitimately great if they had a much better secondary.  The rest of the pieces seem to be in place.

Denver Broncos

It’s rare that the defending Super Bowl champs are so dysfunctional at quarterback just a full pregnancy cycle after winning the Lombardi, but that’s where the Broncos are.  Everything else is pretty good, but Trevor Siemian isn’t a starting caliber QB.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs aren’t that far away from being great, and the return of a healthy Justin Houston might just get them there.  Some more weapons on the outside would help as well.

San Diego Chargers

I don’t know if the Chargers would be great if they didn’t have the worst injury luck in the NFL, but it would certainly help.  Right now a better offensive line and some more depth in the secondary would help significantly.

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Charlie Bernstein

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