Jerry Jones Remains Confident In Dak Prescott


For only the second time this season, the Dallas Cowboys lost a football game. The only consistent theme here is that both losses were against the New York Giants. Despite the two losses to a division rival, the Cowboys are sitting comfortably atop the NFC East.

Earlier in the week, General Manager and owner Jerry Jones made some controversial comments in regards to how awesome of a story it would be if Tony Romo led Dallas to a Super Bowl title. Once those remarks surfaced, many were wondering if there could be a changing of the guard under center.

Following an underwhelming performance last night by Dak Prescott, the stage was set for Jerry to stir the pot even more. However, the billionaire took the high road.

When asked if Prescott’s inconsistent play could lead to a change, Jones elected to shut down any gossip immediately.

“No. No. No. No,” Jones stressed. “No, it does not.”

Jones expressed his confidence in the rookie.

“Outstanding,” Jones said. “He’s got 13 NFL ballgames at a high level under his belt and what’s he got, four interceptions now? Four? So four interceptions. I feel good about our quarterback and I like where we are at the quarterback position. We should have asked and wanted him to make the drive that might have won this thing for us tonight. I don’t want to make excuses. Most of what happened to us tonight was a well-coached New York Giants defense.”

For now, Prescott’s job seems secure.

Source: NFL

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