Gary Kubiak Downplays Locker Room Shouting Match


Following the Denver Broncos heartbreaking 16-3 defeat to the New England Patriots, there was a divide in the locker room amongst the offense and defense, in particular, the offensive line and defensive backs. Head coach Gary Kubiak opened the floor for anyone to speak up, which resulted in tackle Russell Okung standing up.

Cornerback Aqib Talib objected to Okung addressing the team considering the offense didn’t get the job done, while the defense did as good a job you could ever ask for against Tom Brady and company. This resulted in a rather intense shouting match.

When asked if this has caused a divide between the team, Kubiak immediately shot down the possibility.

“I would never let something be divisive, I would never let that happen. If I didn’t see guys in there bleeding and working and battling each other, those type of things, it wouldn’t be football. That doesn’t bother me.”

With the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders remaining on the schedule, Denver doesn’t have time to be fighting amongst themselves.

Source: ESPN

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