Football Insiders’ Week 6 NFL Observations


Buffalo 45, San Francisco 16

The Bills were apparently right in firing offensive coordinator Greg Roman.  They’ve won four straight games and their offense looks like a somewhat explosive unit, even without Sammy Watkins.  I guess we were wrong…..Colin Kaepernick wasn’t great, but neither is his supporting cast.  With that said, he’s better than Blaine Gabbert and never should have been sitting behind him.

Washington 27, Philadelphia 20

Washington is the other team that’s risen from the ashes to win four straight and get back in contention for the NFC East title.  Kirk Cousins wasn’t great, but he didn’t need to be on Sunday….Perhaps the league is starting to figure out Carson Wentz and it’s time for him to make an adjustment.

Tennessee 28, Cleveland 26

The Titans are a soft 3-3, with wins over Detroit, Miami and Cleveland, but it’s better than being a “hard” 2-4.  They aren’t as good as their record, but a few more wins will probably keep Mike Mularkey employed in 2017.  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing for Tennessee….Cody Kessler looks okay and he should start the rest of the year.  The Browns season should now be all about auditioning their young talent.   

N.Y. Giants 27, Baltimore 23

Odell Beckham is somewhat of a mad man, but he scores touchdowns and if he keeps scoring everything else can be put up with.  Eli Manning still isn’t playing up to his potential, but that’s probably not going to change at this point in his career.

Carolina vs. New Orleans

The Saints are still one of the worst teams in the NFL thanks to their defense, but at least they’re better than the defending NFC champs…..Dave Gettlemen was right, the Panthers don’t need Josh Norman.

Jacksonville 17, Chicago 16

The Jaguars came from behind to win a game.  Still, they played mostly awful football and it took a very lucky break to win.  Maybe this can catapult them?….The Bears have found their quarterback of the present in Brian Hoyer.  Jay Cutler should never see the field again for them as long as Hoyer’s healthy.  

Detroit 31, Los Angeles 28

Matt Stafford had another great game and he really seems to be thriving without Calvin Johnson.  Who would’ve thought that?….Odder than Stafford succeeding has been the success of Case Keenum.  After a rough start, Keenum has been more than solid and he was excellent against the Lions.  At this rate the Rams may be able to flip him before the trade deadline.

Miami 30, Pittsburgh 16

Ben Roethlisberger tore his meniscus and there went the Steelers chance of nearly wrapping up the NFC North.  He will be okay, but he’ll return in a divisional race…The Dolphins are difficult to figure out.  How do you get manhandled at home by Tennessee and then dominate Pittsburgh a week later?  They’re still a bad team, but just good enough to pick far enough down in the draft so Ryan Tannehill stays employed.

New England 35, Cincinnati 17

Tom Brady was brilliant again and the Pats have picked up where they left off last year.  Right now they seem like far and away the best team in the AFC…..Andy Dalton is never going to be good enough to beat the elite teams and therefore the team has a very moderate ceiling.

Kansas City 26, Oakland 10

Andy Reid is nearly unbeatable coming off a bye.  With that win they put themselves into position to make a run at the AFC West title….The Raiders are tough to buy into until they actually beat a good team.

Seattle 26, Atlanta 24

Seattle doesn’t really look the part of a dominant 4-1 team, but they are 4-1.  Russell Wilson has cemented himself into elite status and Christian Michael is playing the best football of his career.  If Michael Bennett’s injury isn’t that bad they’ll be just fine….The Falcons have been a pleasant surprise and they were potentially screwed out of a win on Sunday with an egregious no call.  It’s likely that they gained confidence despite the loss.

Dallas 30, Green Bay 16

The Cowboys keep pushing around their opponents and it really looks like they’re a contender.  Dak Prescott should have secured his starting job with that win….Aaron Rodgers is missing something and nobody is sure what it is.  The Packers route concepts certainly don’t help their quarterback out.  

Houston 26, Indianapolis 23

Just because the Texans beat Indy and are in first place doesn’t make them a particularly good team.  Right now they’re the “tallest midget” in the AFC South.  Osweiler still isn’t good enough and the defense missed a bunch of tackles….The Colts are never out of the division title race due to the state of the AFC South, but make no mistake they are a very bad team.

Arizona 28, N.Y. Jets 3

The Cardinals appear to be tuning up and they are back at .500.  With that said, Carson Palmer still doesn’t look like the Palmer of last year and the offense must run through David Johnson to be successful….The Jets need to put Fitzpatrick on the bench and try out any or all of the three other signal callers on the roster.  If Todd Bowles doesn’t do bench Fitz soon, he will get fired.

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