Football Insiders’ Week 16 NFL Picks


We had our best prognostication week of the season in Week 15, as we went 14-2.  It’s our goal to finish strong.  With that, here are our Week 16 NFL Picks for Saturday’s games.

Miami vs. Buffalo

The Bills probably have to win their final two games for Rex Ryan to keep his job, and that might not even be enough.  The Dolphins are the better team, but Buffalo will play hard for their coach.  Bills 24, Dolphins 23.

N.Y. Jets vs. New England

There is simply no chance that the Jets will even be able to compete with the Patriots.  Blowout city!  Pats 38, Jets 8. 

Tennessee vs. Jacksonville

It’s Jacksonville’s first game under the leadership of Doug Marrone.  Unfortunately, Marrone has the same players who have already cashed their chips in for the season.  The Titans are chasing a division title and they’ll take down the Jags.  Titans 24, Jags 13. 

Minnesota vs. Green Bay

These are two teams headed in opposite directions and the Packers need this game desperately.  Aaron Rodgers will continue to play well against one of the best defenses in the game.  Packers 20, Vikings 13. 

San Diego vs. Cleveland

This is the Browns last, best chance to get a win this season.  Can they avoid having the 0-16 parade?  No.  Chargers 24, Browns 23. 

Washington vs. Chicago

The upset pick here is very tempting, but the Redskins are a better team and they need the game desperately.  Cousins will torch the Bears secondary.  ‘Skins 27, Bears 21. 

Atlanta vs. Carolina

The Panthers played a great game last week against Washington, and the Falcons are a similar type of team as the Redskins.  This is another good matchup for Carolina.  Panthers 27, Falcons 20. 

Indianapolis vs. Oakland

The Raiders need this game desperately and they have the better roster and they’re playing at home. The Colts have Andrew Luck and…not a lot else.  I think this one is closer than it should be.  Raiders 31, Colts 29. 

Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans

If the Bucs win this game they will be in great shape for a playoff berth, either via a division title or a Wildcard.  The Saints have virtually nothing to play for.  Bucs 27, Saints 24. 

Arizona vs. Seattle

The Cards are playing out the string of a disappointing 2016 season and the last place they want to be on Christmas Eve is Seattle to play the Seahawks.  Seattle is still fighting for a first-round bye and they must have this game.  ‘Hawks 24, Cards 17.

San Francisco vs. Los Angeles

Who is going to go to this game in L.A. on Christmas Eve?  No playoff implications and both teams would be better off by losing.  Coin toss.  Rams 11, 49ers 8. 

Cincinnati vs. Houston

As mediocre as the Texans are, they’re a pretty good team at home (6-1 record).  The Bengals don’t have A.J. Green or Tyler Eifert, and the Texans won’t have Lamar Miller.  Ugly game, but Houston wins.  Texans 23, Bengals 15. 


Last week: 14-2

Season: 131-84-2

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