Football Insiders’ Week 15 NFL Picks


There are only three weeks remaining in the NFL season and we are finishing up our picking game ultra-strong.  There are a few playoff-caliber matchups this week and we’re going to let you know who we believe will be on top.

Miami vs. N.Y. Jets

This will probably be the only time that Matt Moore and Bryce Petty square off as starting quarterbacks.  You’re welcome.  The Dolphins have better football players than the Jets do and that should overcome any home field/weather advantages.  Mammals 23, Airplanes 13. 

Green Bay vs. Chicago

A-Aron Rodgers is playing like an MVP candidate (because that’s what he is) and the Bears….are the Bears.  Matt Barkley has exceeded expectations, but he doesn’t have the weaponry or skill to keep up with Mr. Olivia Munn.  Lovers of cheese 34, Chewbacca’s 23. 

Jacksonville vs. Houston

If you’re looking for a great quarterback matchup, stay away from this one.  Just like every week, Jacksonville is very well equipped from a talent level standpoint to compete with the first place Texans, but there’s no way they will win the game.  Lone Star State Red-headed Step-Children 24, Docile Leopards 13. 

Cleveland vs. Buffalo

There’s not much left to say about the Browns.  They’re 0-13, they’re a terrible football team, pretty much by design.  The Bills are a mediocre football team and mediocre usually beats terrible.  Buffalo is capable of laying an egg here, but Cleveland would have to be good enough to take advantage of that.  Closer than you think.  William’s 20, Pieces of Mahogany 17.

Philadelphia vs. Baltimore

Let’s see how many times Carson Wentz can throw the ball and get hit!  Sorry for letting you into an Eagles offensive strategy session.  It hasn’t been working and it likely will continue not to work as they play one of the best defenses in the NFL.  Fighting Edgar Allen Poe’s 24, Make Philadelphia Great Again 17. 

Tennessee vs. Kansas City

The Titans have the type of offense than can match up fairly well against the Chiefs.  Last time we said that we picked Green Bay against Tennessee and the Titans blew them out.  Kansas City won’t get blown out at home, but it won’t be easy either.  Less Racist Midwest Mascots 20, Mularkey’s Mammoth’s 17. 

Detroit vs. N.Y. Giants

Finally, a good matchup.  New York is more or less locked into and headed toward the No. 5 seed in the NFC.  Detroit is battling for a first-round bye.  A win here would really catapult Matt Stafford’s MVP candidacy, but it doesn’t seem like it’s in the cards.  Behemoth’s 23, Kings of the Jungle 20. 

Indianapolis vs. Minnesota

The Colts and their terrible roster face one of the best defenses in football, who were trailing to the Jaguars in the fourth quarter last Sunday.  Adrian Peterson is back, but it’s not going to matter all that much.  Upset special!  Pagano’s Ponies 27, Horned Crusaders 20. 

Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati

Many are expecting this “grudge match” to be close, but without A.J. Green it’s unclear how the Bengals are going to find points.  The Pittsburgh defense has been better than expected and the offense has the best trio of skill position guys in the league.  Northeast West Virginia 27, Red-headed Tigers 17. 

New Orleans vs. Arizona

Two disappointing teams whose windows have likely closed.  Both franchises should re-tool at the end of the season but likely won’t.  This is another slight upset special.  Martyrs 31, Desert Birds 27.

San Francisco vs. Atlanta

The 49ers are playing out the string of another horrible season while Atlanta is in the thick of the NFC South race.  It’s difficult to envision a way that San Francisco can get a road win here.  Jumping Jamal Anderson’s 31, Copper Rush 13. 

New England vs. Denver

Tom Brady has a 2-7 career record in Denver with those wins coming against Danny Kanell and Tim Tebow.  Trevor Siemian is better than those two guys, but Brady might be playing the best football of his career.  Deflators 24, Ranchers 20.

Oakland vs. San Diego

Derek Carr is coming off an awful performance last week and this is a game that the Raiders must have to stay in the divisional race.  The Chargers will be without Melvin Gordon as well as the other 74 players that are on injured reserve.  Bandits 20, Powder Blues 17. 

Tampa Bay vs. Dallas

This should be another great Sunday Night matchup as the Bucs have been playing great football and the Cowboys have the NFC’s best record.  All eyes will be on Dak Prescott to see if he can bounce back from two poor performances.  Brokeback Gaucho’s 20, Pewter Pirates 17.

Carolina vs. Washington

Cam Newton is playing the worst football of his career and it’s nearly inexplicable why.  Kirk Cousins has been efficient enough to get a new, big contract and the ‘Skins need this one to keep pace in the Wildcard race.  Racist Nicknames 26, Sinking Riverboats 17.

Last Week: 11-5

Season: 118-82-2 

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