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Although we’d like you to read each and every one of the stories that we post, we understand that sometimes life gets in the way. With that in mind, here’s an easy way to catch up with some of our best of the week.

Jets and Fitzpatrick In A Stalemate

The New York Jets are playing chicken with the starting quarterback who helped lead them to 10 wins a year ago.  Ryan Fitzpatrick has virtually no market as a starter and won’t be able to make any more than the Jets are offering him.  Which side blinks first and is each side prepared to walk away?

Which Team Is Most Interesting?

We rank each of the 32 NFL teams on which one is most interesting heading into the 2016 season.  The Super Bowl champs are first, because they’re embarking on something defending champs rarely do, transition in a new quarterback.

Wide Receivers That Make The QB: Part 1

A great quarterback usually enhances an entire offense and minimizes the flaws of a team’s roster. We’re going to look at quarterbacks who are being lifted by the wide receivers who line up for them.

Three Key Matchups For Each NFL Team

Which 50/50 games does each NFL team need to win to accomplish a good season?  Find out in this piece.

Second Year WR’s Trying To Bounce Back

The 2015 wide receiver draft class had more busts than booms, but that doesn’t mean that those guys selected in the first round don’t have real talent.  We’re going to look at a few rookies from last year who saw their seasons go down the drain due to injuries, and if they can come back to have strong sophomore campaigns.

Ravens Get Pinched

Teams often try and skirt the no-contact rules of voluntary OTA’s.  The Baltimore Ravens were caught with their proverbial hands in the cookie jar and now they will lose a weekend of practices. Not a great thing for a 5-11 team trying to rebuild.

Parity Is The Name Of The Game In The NFC

Who is going to the Super Bowl in the NFC?  Who knows?  Pretty much every team outside of San Francisco and Chicago has a real shot to make the playoffs and once you’re in, anything can happen.

Undrafted Free Agents Who Have The Best Shot To Make A Roster

Every team usually has one or two undrafted free agents that overcome the odds and find a way onto the roster.  We look at a handful of players who didn’t get drafted, who are in the right situations to make a real NFL paycheck in 2016.

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