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Although we’d like you to read each and every one of the stories that we post, we understand that sometimes life gets in the way. With that in mind, here’s an easy way to catch up with some of our best of the week.

Where Does Elliot Go?

Ezekiel Elliot is one of the best prospects in the 2016 NFL Draft.  Unfortunately for him, he plays the most devalued position in the NFL and although he may be a Top 5 prospect, there’s a good chance that he might not go in the first half of Round One.  Find out the specifics of his situation.

Marvin Lewis Extended

The Cincinnati Bengals got head coach Marvin Lewis off the lame duck seat as they extended him for one year.  Find out whether it was a good move.

Football Insiders Mock Draft

Find out which prospects go where in our latest mock draft.  Hint:  There’s a major shakeup in the Top 5.

Tough Decisions on 5th Year Options: Part 1

One of the worst draft classes in recent history (2013) is coming up for their fifth-year options.  Find out about the tough decisions that GM’s around the league have to make.

Tough Decisions on 5th Year Options: Part 2

We looked at the top half of the 2013 Draft in part one, and now we look at the surprisingly good back half of round one.

Who Will Be the First Defensive Player Drafted?

There are three players vying for the honors of being the top defensive player in the draft, and none of them is Ohio State defensive end Joey Bosa.

Expanding the NFL Playoffs? 

It was discussed once again that the NFL Playoffs might be expanded to 14 teams.  Find out whether it’s a good idea.

Expected To Fall: Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings are behind the eight ball in their quest to repeat as NFC North champs.  Find out why.

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