Colin Kaepernick Believes 49ers Need Culture Change


The winless Cleveland Browns are taking attention away from how bad the San Francisco 49ers are. From a pure talent standpoint, one could argue the Browns are actually the more talented bunch.

San Francisco hasn’t won a game since Week One, which came against the Los Angeles Rams. Everyone knew this team was lacking talent, but at least from an offensive perspective, the belief was that head coach Chip Kelly could hide those deficiencies with his system.

That just simply hasn’t been the case.

When asked about the direction of the team, quarterback Colin Kaepernick was very honest.

“That’s always hard to tell. It can be pieces here and there that make a huge difference, and it can also be the culture of this team changing, which it needs to,” Kaepernick said, before pausing. “We have to be able to create our opportunities and go out and create wins for our team…We have to create a culture of winning, and winning by any means. Right now, our culture isn’t that. We have to be able to improve and create that.”

That culture chang may result in the firing of Kelly. Only time will tell.

Source: KNBR

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