Chris Harris Expects John Elway To Make Some Splashes


Following their Super Bowl run, the Denver Broncos were unable to even reach postseason play this season. While the defense wasn’t as good as it was in 2015, it was still one of the better units in the league, but their offense wasn’t capable of sustaining success.

As Denver will most likely stick with either Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch next season, there’s a small chance they may go after Tony Romo.

When asked about what he expects from John Elway in the offseason, defensive back Chris Harris didn’t get specific, but he does expect some changes to be made.

“After the season hopefully everything starts to get rolling. Once free agency comes you know Elway is going to make some splashes. I’m excited to see who he brings as a part of the team.”

Bringing in Romo would definitely constitute as making a splash.

Source: NFL

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