Chip Kelly The GM Is Killing Chip Kelly The Head Coach


As a head coach, your third year is the one that’s suppose to reveal your vision and true genius. In his first year, Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly took over a 4-12 team and led them to the NFC East division crown.

Just like 2013, the Eagles finished with a 10-6 record in 2014, but they fell short to the Dallas Cowboys in the division, which resulted in them missing the playoffs entirely.

Despite being in Philly only three years, Kelly has completely changed the identity of the team and in return, it’s looking like poor decision after poor decision.

Kelly began by running out of town Pro Bowl wide receiver DeSean Jackson, which seemed justified if you believe the reports of him and Kelly getting into verbal arguments on numerous occasions, and that his teammates allegedly didn’t like him for various reasons.

The divorce couldn’t have came at a worse time for Kelly, considering Jackson was coming off a career season. He had career-highs in catches (82) and receiving yards (1,332), while matching his career high in touchdowns (9).

However, this past off-season is what really had folks around the country scratching their heads.

It all started when Kelly convinced owner Jeff Lurie to relieve general manager Howie Roseman of the player personnel duties. 

“Howie, Chip and Don [Smolenski] are all united in their desire to win,” Lurie said. “Together, we decided this approach was the best course of action for the Philadelphia Eagles.”

While trying to remain modest, Kelly said the following.

“This is not a one-man operation,” Kelly stressed. “It will truly take a team effort to acquire and develop the best football players and then put the best team on the field each week. It will take all of us working together.”

In hopes of bringing his own identity to Philly, Kelly elected to let Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy go elsewhere, while swapping Foles for Sam Bradford.

There was no way the Eagles were going to pay Maclin $11 million per year, as the Kansas City Chiefs are currently doing, but at the same time, Kansas City was in desperate need of a receiver. After all, they went an entire season without throwing one touchdown to a receiver.

“If you would have told me two years ago that that would be the case, I would have laughed,” Maclin said when asked if he could have envisioned the Eagles parting with the starting quarterback, running back and No. 1 wide receiver in the same offseason. “This is a business, man. Things like that happen.”

McCoy is the franchise’s all-time leading rusher, but after replacing him with DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews, things didn’t seem so bad at the time.

Nonetheless, Kelly hasn’t been able to put all the pieces together. 

“Do I think I’m touching the ball [enough]?” Murray said. “No, I’m not. I don’t think I am. But it’s the plays that are being called. I love this offense. I love playing with these guys. It’s just how it is.”

When looking at some of the numbers, it appears Philly’s offense hasn’t been that bad, considering they’re top ten in passing and rushing, but it hasn’t translated to points as they’re in the bottom half with 22.1 points per game.

The defensive side of the ball hasn’t performed at a high level either, allowing 24.9 points per game, but did we truly expect a Chip Kelly led ball club to be world beaters defensively?

This is all about the offense and Kelly has proven thus far that his player personnel decisions on this side of the ball have limited his abilities as the head coach.

It’s clear that when Kelly came to the NFL, he wanted to mold a team his way, which resulted in getting rid of some of their most talented players.  This is the team he created and is now stuck with.  They’ve lost three straight games, the last two by a combined 59 points and there’s no end in sight.

While he still has time to turn things around in the lackluster NFC East, it looks like his stubbornness has finally caught up to him.

Chip Kelly, the NFL head coach has proven to be not that bad.  Chip Kelly, the NFL general manager is a train wreck.

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Mark Gunnels

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