Chip Kelly Disapproves Pat on Back For Almost Winning


The San Francisco 49ers started the season undefeated, after demolishing the Los Angeles Rams to the tune of 28-0. However, Chip Kelly’s ballclub hasn’t won a game since, as they’ve lost 10 straight. In their defense, they’ve lost some very competitive games. Just this past Sunday, San Francisco only loss to the Miami Dolphins by a mere touchdown.

Nonetheless, Kelly doesn’t want any credit for almost winning.

“I don’t want anybody to pat them on the back and tell them that ‘Hey, you did a good job. You were close.’ They’re grown men, they want to win and they’ll continue to work that way. They’ve practiced great all year long. They’ve had great attitudes in terms of what they’ve got to do when we go out to the practice field and I don’t think that’s in anybody’s mindset. I think it is questions that are asked from the outside, but there’s never been a question about that from the inside.”

Coach speak at its finest.

Source: CSN Bay Area

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