Chargers In Talks With LA Coliseum


This time last year, the city of Los Angeles didn’t have one NFL team. However, this next year, LA might have two NFL teams to call their own. When the citizens of San Diego voted no in regards to a potential downtown stadium, it opened up the door for a potential LA move.

“In light of the vote of the people of San Diego, it’s back on the table in earnest,” L.A. Coliseum Commission President Mark Ridley-Thomas said, via Schrotenboer. “So the appropriate amount of due diligence continues to be done, and we will see if in fact we can strike a deal.”

The Chargers have until Jan. 15 to decide on whether or not they want to share a new stadium with the Los Angeles Rams, which won’t be ready until 2019. In the meantime, they would potentially be sharing time in the LA Coliseum.

Source: USA Today

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