Brett Favre on Kirk Cousins: “He’s Arrived”


After bursting onto the scene a season ago, it was too early for fans and media members alike to don Kirk Cousins as one of the elite quarterbacks in the world. However, hall of fame quarterback Brett Favre has seen enough. This past Sunday, Cousins outdueled Aaron Rodgers and it gave Favre no choice but to accept Cousins for who he is.

“I thought (Cousins) played outstanding (Sunday night) and has played outstanding this year,” Brett Favre stressed. “Those conditions were more Green Bay-like. Trust me, it’s not easy. It’s not easy throwing into the wind. It’s not easy throwing with the wind. The throw that Kirk Cousins made to (Pierre) Garcon in the second half, the long touchdown into the wind, and it dropped right in the basket? I mean, it was an outstanding throw. I thought, ‘OK, he’s arrived.'”

Favre continued.

“I thought he did an outstanding job. I know what it is like to throw in those type of conditions and it’s not easy. And he did it time and time again. He came across as real confident. He’s got a true competitor mentality about him. I like that about him.”

If Cousins is able to derail the well-oiled machine that is the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving day, something tells me Favre will really ‘like’ that.

Source: Washington Post


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