Black Friday Shopping For NFC Teams


Black Friday is the biggest shopping day in America, but there won’t be many NFL transactions.  We’re going to examine what should be on top of each team’s shopping list as they enter the offseason.

NFC East

New York Giants- I can’t seem to put my finger on where to begin with the Giants needs.  Probably a pass rusher to bookend or replace Jason Pierre-Paul would be the team’s most dire need, but it will be tough to get in the draft if they end up winning the NFC East.

Washington Redskins- There’s so many needs here, starting with quarterback, but I don’t believe they’ll go in that direction.  They’ll likely address the major needs in their secondary.

Philadelphia Eagles- A new general manager is necessary, but that would likely mean getting rid of the head coach.  A quarterback would certainly help as well.

Dallas Cowboys- Can we ask for a new, stronger clavicle for Tony Romo? If not, the Cowboys need a team psychologist and some help on the defensive line, preferably by someone without a criminal past.

NFC North

Green Bay Packers- What do you get the team that has everything? (Aaron Rodgers)  Since Rodgers is the franchise, some more offensive line help, especially at the tackle position, even if it’s just depth would ensure that they’re a year-in, year-out contender.

Minnesota Vikings- The Vikings have a surprisingly complete roster, but they need more confidence from their young quarterback to take more shots down the field.  If not, some help in the secondary is necessary as they’ve drafted poorly with Josh Robinson and Trae Waynes.  A pass rusher opposite Everson Griffen would boost an already good defense.

Detroit Lions- Lions fans may get their wish of a new head coach a week or so after Christmas, but on the field they need to be better on the offensive and defensive lines, and in the secondary.  They’ll be able to address at least one of those needs in the draft.

Chicago Bears- The Bears are rebuilding their defense and the rebuild starts with getting a legitimate pass rusher.  They should be able to get help early on in the draft.

NFC South

Carolina Panthers- What do you get the perfect Panthers?  Some more protection at the tackle positions and more receivers.  Free agents should be lining up to play with Cam Newton, and the position could be fixed as well in the draft.

Atlanta Falcons- The Falcons are trying to rebuild a once functional defense and it starts up front.  They need a pass rusher opposite Vic Beasley as well as some linebacker help.

New Orleans Saints- The Saints need a new defensive coordinator as well as some pieces for him to put in place.  A pass rusher opposite Cameron Jordan would be a priority, and it seems that the Saints are always looking for able bodies in the secondary.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Things are coming together for the Bucs, but they need a pass rusher on the outside, and some more help in the secondary.  Additional help on the offensive line wouldn’t hurt Jameis Winston.

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals- The Cardinals look like a pretty complete football team but they can use more linebacker help and an edge rusher opposite Calais Campbell.  Perhaps some more hats for the best head coach in the NFL, Bruce Arians.

Seattle Seahawks- The defending NFC Champs first and foremost need help on the offensive line, and lots of it.  A cornerback opposite Richard Sherman would be nice and another pass rusher.

St. Louis Rams- Aside from a new head coach, the Rams are in desperate need of a quarterback.  They haven’t had one since they foolishly let Kurt Warner walk.

San Francisco 49ers- The list of gifts for the 49ers could take up several pages.  They need a complete rebuild and it starts at quarterback.  You name it, they need it.

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Charlie Bernstein

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