Bill Belichick Says Tom Brady Gives His Best Every Time


The best coach and quarterback duo just won their fifth Super Bowl title together. As Bill Belichick and Tom Brady look to rack up more rings over the next few seasons, many expected this script when commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Brady for the first four games of the season.


Well, when it comes to having a burning desire to win, no one wants it more than Brady, so when you pile on the fact of him using his suspension as extra motivation, it was a scary combination for the rest of the league.

As everyone points to the suspension as the reason Brady had extra fuel, Belichick feels that’s serving as a discredit to the work Brady puts in year in and year out.

“And again with all due respect I think it’s inappropriate to suggest that in Tom’s career he’s been anything but a great teammate, a great worker and has given us every single ounce of effort, blood, sweat and tears that he has in him,” Belichick said at the Monday morning victor’s news conference. “To insinuate that this year was somehow different, that this year he competed harder, did anything to a higher degree than he has in the past is insulting to the tremendous effort and leadership and competitiveness that he’s shown for the 17 years that I’ve coached him. It’s been like that every year, every day, every week, every practice. I don’t care if it’s in May, August or January — Tom Brady gives us his best every time he steps on the field.”

For all of the accolades these two have under their belt, they will forever be linked and deservedly so.

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