Biggest NFL Draft Questions For Each Team Part 3


Atlanta Falcons: Reed, Lee or Ragland?

The Atlanta Falcons started the season on fire but waned as the season wore on. If there is one thing for sure it is that the Falcons need a lot of help on defense.

If the Falcons wanted to bolster their interior defensive line, Jarran Reed would be a great fit. He doesn’t bring much pass-rush upside, but good luck trying to move the former Alabama defensive tackle off the line.

Another option the Falcons have is to improve their linebacker corps as that may be the weakest unit on their team. Darron Lee fits the profile of an undersized but athletic linebacker who can make plays all over the field. Reggie Ragland is a throwback linebacker who excels inside the box. It just depends on what avenue the Falcons want to go down.


Indianapolis Colts: Kelly or Decker?

The Indianapolis Colts fell victim to their franchise quarterback getting injured, which limited their ability to vie for a playoff spot. This should point to the Colts doing anything they can to protect Andrew Luck so that he can play in every game.

Ryan Kelly may be the second best offensive lineman in this draft class. The former Alabama center is a master technician with significant core and lower body strength to maximize his ability at the line of scrimmage. Kelly is an extremely intelligent player who can take some of the stress off Luck by making protection calls.

Taylor Decker would improve the Colts offensive line at tackle. Decker is a long and strong offensive tackle who can dominate at the point of attack. Decker is ready to step in and be a productive left tackle in the NFL today.


Buffalo Bills: Nkemdiche, Ragland or Dodd?

The Buffalo Bills were believed to have a top-tier defense last year, especially with head coach Rex Ryan at the helm; however, they faltered throughout last season as the personnel didn’t fit what Ryan wanted to do. Therefore, you can expect the Bills to get players who fit Ryan’s scheme in the draft this year.

Robert Nkemdiche is the most polarizing player in this draft. He has all the tools you want in a defensive tackle. He has great size, he’s strong and he is extremely athletic. However, he has a few off-field concerns and he didn’t play to his talent level in college. If anybody could get the most out of him, it would be Ryan.

Reggie Ragland would be the perfect inside linebacker in Ryan’s scheme as he would bring a tough and nasty presence to the Bills’ defense. Ragland would be a monster in the box for Ryan and he could be a favorite of the coaching staff.

Kevin Dodd would be an attempt by Ryan to bolster his awful pass rush from last year. Dodd isn’t the most athletic edge defender, but he has great hands and a plethora of pass-rush moves to take advantage of offensive tackles.


New York Jets: Lynch or Floyd?

The New York Jets are in a precarious situation at this moment in time. They are coming off a great year where they exceeded everyone’s expectations, but they may not be able to come to an agreement with their quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, which would leave a huge hole on their team.

If the Jets don’t think they are going to be able to get a deal with Fitzpatrick, Paxton Lynch would be an obvious pick. The former Memphis quarterback has a big arm and a tremendous ability to make big plays. He may not be as pro-ready as others, but his ceiling is higher than most.

If the Jets do feel as though they can re-sign Fitzpatrick, Leonard Floyd would be a great fit on the Jets’ defense. Floyd has a ton of speed off the edge and he would be a player who could improve the Jets’ pass rush over time.


Washington Redskins: Reed, Ragland or Treadwell?

Another team who surprised most analysts was the Washington Redskins. They have a lot of options they could go, but it appears as though defense and wide receiver are their biggest needs.

Jarran Reed would be a great pick and an apt replacement to Terrance Knighton. Reed would be a fantastic nose tackle as he would eat up double teams and clog the interior as well as anyone.

Ragland would improve Washington’s ability to stop the run inside the tackle boxes while also changing the demeanor of their team. he would bring a toughness that the front office wants so badly.

Laquon Treadwell has seen his stock taking a big hit as of late, but he would still be a great value for Washington. he would be a great compliment to Desean Jackson and Pierre Garcon, which would stack the deck for Kirk Cousins this season.


Houston Texans: Fuller or Coleman?

The Houston Texans solved their quarterback problem by trading for Brock Osweiler. Now, they should try and get him as many options as possible so that he has the best opportunity to succeed.

Will Fuller would give the Texans a deep threat who could stretch the field next to DeAndre Hopkins. Fuller doesn’t have the best route-running and his game isn’t as nuanced as others, but he has the trump card of speed that not many have.

Corey Coleman has similar speed to Fuller, but with dynamic ability in the open field. Coleman may be the best player in this class with the ball in his hands as he is a dynamic playmaker. He isn’t polished as a route runner and he has trouble catching the ball at times, but his physical tools are unparalleled in this class.

Minnesota Vikings: Doctson or Treadwell?

The Minnesota Vikings are thirsting for weapons on the outside. Teddy Bridgewater is at a crucial stage in his development process and he needs significant upgrades if the Vikings want to get the most out of him.

Josh Doctson would be a perfect fit in the Vikings deep passing offense. He has good speed to go along with great route-running and elite jumping ability to win the ball at the catch point.

If the Vikings wanted a more pro-ready player, Laquon Treadwell would be the best fit. He is a great route-runner and a physical beast who will overpower cornerbacks from day one in the NFL.


Cincinnati Bengals: Doctson, Coleman or Thomas?

The Cincinnati Bengals are the third team in a row who desperately needs a wide receiver on their team.

Josh Doctson would be a great compliment to A.J. Green as he is a plus version to their No. 2 receiver from last year, Marvin Jones. Doctson would give the Bengals two receivers who are dominant at the catch point, which would make life much easier for Andy Dalton.

Corey Coleman would give the Bengals an electric playmaker who can take the ball for six every time he touches the ball. Coleman could develop into an elite wide receiver if he works on the little things for long enough.

If all of their top wide receivers are gone, the Bengals may have to settle for Ohio State’s Michael Thomas. Even though it may seem like they are settling, Thomas is a fantastic receiver in his own right. He is a great route-runner with fantastic hands to go along with good athletic ability. He would be a great fit in Cincinnati’s offense.



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