Best And Worst Draft Pick In Each Team’s History: NFC West


Arizona Cardinals

Best: Aeneas Williams, CB

Many expect to see Larry Fitzgerald here, but because he was the third overall pick the Arizona Cardinals didn’t get the value that they got in Aeneas Williams. The Pro-Bowl defensive back was one of the best players of his era at his position and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Worst: Andre Wadsworth, LB

Who? That’s what many will think when they read Adre Wadsworth’s name. The player who was drafted two slots after Peyton Manning didn’t give the Cardinals a similar return. The linebacker left the team just three years later leaving the Cardinals extremely dissatisfied with the return on their investment.

Los Angeles Rams

Best: Deacon Jones, DE

Deacon Jones was the best pass-rusher before sacks were officially a stat. The man known for the head slap terrorized opposing quarterbacks with his incredible size and flawless technique. Who knows who would hold the record for sacks if it was an official stat when Jones played. Jones was a foundational player and one of the best to ever live. It’s easy to see why he was the best pick in Rams history.

Worst: Jason Smith, OT

Jason Smith was thought to be a pro-ready offensive tackle who could protect the blindside for the Rams for years to come. However, Smith played with too much finesse, and he wasn’t able to handle the power in the NFL. He couldn’t develop into the dominant left tackle the Rams hoped he could be.

San Francisco 49ers

Best: Joe Montana, QB

One of the two best quarterbacks in NFL history, Joe Montana was easily the best pick in the San Francisco 49ers’ team history. The “Comeback Kid” led the 49ers to four Super Bowl Wins and one of the most prestigious runs in NFL history. Also, he is arguably the best player to ever play football. Not bad for a third-round pick.

Worst: Lance Alworth, WR

The AFL and NFL drafts made for a confusing time in football. Some teams would select good players but they would never play for that team because they went to the rival league. Lance Alworth went on to be a Hall of Fame receiver, but for the Oakland Raiders. The 49ers drafted Alworth in the 1962 draft, but the receiver decided to sign with the Raiders in the AFL. The 49ers had the right idea by selecting Alworth, but they weren’t able to cash in on it.

Seattle Seahawks

Best: Russell Wilson, QB

It may be premature to name Russell Wilson the best pick in Seattle Seahawks team history, but he has been nothing short of spectacular for a third-round pick. He led the Seahawks to a Super Bowl win, and he has developed into a top-five quarterback in the NFL.

Worst: Aaron Curry, OLB

Aaron Curry was believed to be the safest player in the draft, but that turned out to be flat out wrong. Curry was the fourth-overall pick, but he failed to produce anywhere that level. Curry huge cap number and awful production made him the no-brainer as worst pick in Seattle’s franchise history.

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