Best And Worst Draft Pick In Each Team’s History: NFC East


Dallas Cowboys

Best: Roger Staubach, QB

This may be the easiest pick on this whole list. Roger Staubach may be the best player in the history of the Dallas Cowboys and “America’s Team” grabbed him in the 10th round. He led the Cowboys to two Super Bowl wins and is heralded as one of the best players in the history of football.

Worst: Shante Carver, DE

Shante Carver was hoped to bring a pass-rush presence, but he gave the opposite. Carver was an embarrassing pick for the Cowboys, and he only lasted four years with the team. Carver was drafted during the times where the Cowboys were the best drafting team in the NFL; however, Carver was not among their many hits.

New York Giants

Best: Lawrence Taylor, OLB

This was a hard choice. The Giants have had a lot of great value picks, but it is hard to top Lawrence Taylor even though was the second-overall pick. As one of the best pass-rushers ever, Lawrence Taylor changed the game while being a catalytic presence for the Giants. Taylor was the best defensive player in football during his time and some say he is the best defensive player ever, which is enough to say that he is the best pick in Giants’ history.

Worst: Cedric Jones, DE

While Lawrence Taylor was a great pick as a pass-rusher, Cedric Jones was on the opposite end of the spectrum. Jones recorded just 15 sacks in his five-year career as he could never become an established pass-rusher with the Giants. The Giants have had a ton of success on the defensive line in the draft, but Jones is one of the few warts that permeates their history.

Philadelphia Eagles

Best: Harold Carmichael, WR

The tallest receiver in NFL history was also a fine seventh-round pick. Harold Carmichael was named to the NFL’s All-Decade Team of the 1970s, which goes to show how good of a player he was for the Philadelphia Eagles. While the Eagles don’t have a great history of drafting, Carmichael was a pick that the Eagles should be extremely proud of.

Worst: LeRoy Keyes, RB

LeRoy Keyes is a forgotten man, but he was also an awful pick for the Eagles. He ran for just 368 yards and three touchdowns in four years. The fact that Joe Greene was picked next and went on to have a Hall of Fame career just adds salt to the wound. Keyes was a monumental miss for the Eagles and it was felt for a long time.

Washington Redskins

Best: Darrell Greene, CB

Widely heralded for his track-like speed, Darrell Greene was also one of the best cornerbacks of his era. He had 54 career interceptions while being voted to seven Pro Bowls. A freak of nature, Greene was productive until the very tail end of his career with the Washington Redskins.

Worst: Heath Shuler, QB

Heath Shuler is another in a long list of quarterback busts in NFL history. If you want to look at how good Shuler’s career went, just look at his career completion percentage (49.2) as an indicator. Shuler later went on to become a congressman, but he had no luck leading the Redskins.

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