Antonio Brown Apologizes For Facebook Live Video


Following the Steelers 18-16 victory over the Chiefs this past Sunday, All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown decided to go on Facebook Live in the locker room. Without having any idea Brown was recording with thousands of fans watching, head coach Mike Tomlin used profanity. 

Once the video surfaced, Brown received tons of backlash as you could imagine from fans and media alike. Now, Brown is owning up to his massive mistake.

“I have the utmost respect for our coach so I sorely regret that,” Brown said during a news conference. “I stand by my statement last night. I just got carried away in the moment. I live with that moment from last year, not being able to play in the divisional game, not being able to make the trip with the team, so I was extremely excited in that moment.”

Of course, Brown was forced to miss last year’s divisional round game against Denver due to a concussion.

“We’re not perfect. I’m human and I make mistakes, but as a man I own up to those mistakes,” Brown explained. “I was genuinely excited in that moment. I wanted to give the fans the team experience of being excited after the game. I think people know what I stand for, what I represent, and what type of person I am.”

The Steelers and Patriots are set to kickoff at 6:40 eastern time this Sunday.

Source: NFL

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