Who Should Be In Each NFC Team’s Recruitment Pitches?


Perhaps the biggest NFL news over the weekend involved the NBA, as five teams tried their best to pitch Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant to join their squads.  What makes it NFL news is that the New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady traveled to the Hamptons to meet with KD on behalf of the Boston Celtics.

Spoiler alert:  It didn’t work.

With that in mind, we’re going to look at who each NFL team in their current cities should use as pitch men for a big free agent.  We already looked at the AFC teams, and now it’s time for the NFC.

Washington Redskins- Former head coach Joe Gibbs won three Super Bowls in the DMV, and he can explain what it’s like to be a champion in the nation’s capital. Bryce Harper might be the most exciting player in baseball and he should be involved as well.  There’s no current Redskin with enough gravitas to really attract a huge free agent.

New York Giants- The Giants have a two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback in Eli Manning and he should be able to help with recruitment.  They also have one of, if not the best wide receivers in the game in Odell Beckham.  Add in the closer, former New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter and how could anyone say no?

Philadelphia Eagles- The Eagles don’t seem to have a great direction right now so it would be best for them to bring in some Philadelphia legends.  TNT analyst and former 76ers forward Charles Barkley would be of great influence, as well as the great Dr. J and Allen Iverson.  From the football side of things, Terrell Owens and Ron Jaworski would be great ambassadors.

Dallas Cowboys- The Cowboys will have their front-line players in any meeting, such as quarterback Tony Romo and wide receiver Dez Bryant.  Owner Jerry Jones will most certainly be there, and they could bring in Dallas Mavericks future Hall of Famer Dirk Nowitzki.  Cowboys legends Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin can certainly make a case for how great it is to be a star in “Big D.”

Minnesota Vikings- Now that Prince is no longer with us, the Vikings would have to bring future Hall of Fame running back Adrian Peterson to any meeting.  Hall of Fame receiver Cris Carter could make an appearance as well as Minnesota Twins hometown legend Joe Mauer.

Green Bay Packers- The Packers have a great deal of star power, especially considering they play in one of the league’s smallest markets.  It’s tough not to take what quarterback Aaron Rodgers would say seriously, and he could even bring his lady friend, the beautiful Olivia Munn.  Brett Favre and the team are on good terms now, and he can speak about endorsements despite market size. Unfortunately, none of it will likely matter as general manager Ted Thompson rarely signs free agents from other teams.

Detroit Lions- The Lions could bring in former legends Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson….Wait, both players retired early so maybe that’s not the best idea.  Detroit should concentrate on hoops stars with Isaiah Thomas and Andre Drummond, and possibly even future Hall of Fame first baseman Miguel Cabrera.

Chicago Bears- The Chicago sports teams have a great history and will need to focus on that.  If they can get Michael Jordan in a meeting, consider anyone closed.  The Bears can use Cubs manager Joe Maddon, who is an eloquent speaker, as well as former head coach Mike Ditka.  The Jordan-Maddon-Ditka combo would be unbeatable.

Carolina Panthers- Cam Newton should be involved in any sales pitch, and they can even bring in Panthers super-fan and two-time NBA MVP Steph Curry.  Head coach Ron Rivera is inspirational and linebacker Luke Kuechly and tight end Greg Olsen can make compelling points.

New Orleans Saints- The Saints sales pitch begins and ends with two men- future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees and head coach Sean Payton.  They can explain exactly what it’s like to bring a championship to this great city.

Atlanta Falcons- Since “The ATL” is a culturally diverse city, the unofficial mascot for the town is the band Outkast, and Andre 3000 should be involved in any free agent sales pitch.  Local legends like Jamal Anderson, Deion Sanders and of course Matt Ryan should be involved in any meeting.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- The Bucs have some good recent history and guys like Mr. Derrick Brooks and Warren Sapp should be paramount in any meeting (as long as the meeting isn’t near one of the many strip clubs: looking at you Mr. Sapp).  Current players like Jameis Winston and Vincent Jackson are great ambassadors for the team.

Arizona Cardinals- The Cardinals have two guys that should be in on every meeting, future Hall of Fame wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald and should be future Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner. They can speak of what it’s like to play and win in the desert.  Head coach Bruce Arians can certainly sway any opinion, as he’s one of the best coaches in the NFL.

Seattle Seahawks- The combination of head coach Pete Carroll and quarterback Russell Wilson are tough to beat, but it gets even better when Wilson invites pop-star Ciara.  Ken Griffey, Jr. can be involved in any meeting, as well as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

San Francisco 49ers- Joe Montana is labeled by many as the greatest quarterback of all time, but he likely won’t be involved in any recruiting pitches due to his weird relationship with the franchise. Steve Young, however, is a great No. 2 option.  Young, Jerry Rice and Bill Walsh disciple George Seifert can explain what it’s like to be a champion in the Bay.

Los Angeles Rams- The Rams are back in L.A. and who better to have in a meeting than the single-season NFL rushing champ, Eric Dickerson?  Rapper Snoop Dogg has about 30 favorite teams so it wouldn’t be a stretch to invite him for recruiting purposes.  Head coach Jeff Fisher should be able to dazzle free agents with his powerful mustache.



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