Who Do Some Of The Top NFL Draft Prospects Compare Themselves To?


ATLANTA- Many of the greatest players in college football have congregated in Atlanta for the College Football Awards.  Football Insiders is on the scene and we discussed with these great NFL Draft prospects which NFL players they emulate and believe that they can be like on the next level.

Jake Butt, TE, Michigan= Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys

“I watch a lot of Jason Witten film.  He’s one guy I really try to pick up on.  Earlier in my career, I would sit in class and watch a lot of Tony Gonzalez film.  I’d watch his highlights and try to pick up on what he was doing.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve tried to watch a lot more Jason Witten film.  He’s a guy who can do it all as a tight end, a reliable pass catcher that moves the chains on third down.  He’s a guy I really respect.”

Our take: That’s a great comparison as Butt isn’t all that flashy, but he’s certainly more athletic than the current Jason Witten that we’re seeing.  The best comp for Butt may be the Chiefs’ Travis Kelce.

Jabrill Peppers, LB/DB Michigan= Eric Berry, Kansas City Chiefs; Earl Thomas, Seattle Seahawks, Deone Buchanon, Arizona Cardinals

“I try to see what they’re doing, what works well for them.  I try to see if I can emulate it or put my little spin on it.  That’s who I watch.  Those three I watch more than the others, but I watch a lot of guys.”

Our take: Peppers is going to be one of those guys that need a smart defensive coordinator to put him in the best position to succeed.  Berry is probably shooting a little high, but Peppers does seem to find the football and make big plays.  Buchanon is likely the most accurate comp.  

Jonathan Allen, DT, Alabama= Marcel Dareus, Buffalo Bills

“When I first came here (Alabama) I always thought of myself as a defensive end and the bigger I got the more I moved inside and I would watch film of previous defensive linemen and Marcel Dareus was an icon at defensive line.  A great guy to follow after.”

Our take: Allen is smaller than Dareus and benefits greatly from the presence of teammate Tim Williams.  A comparison to Jabaal Sheard is probably the most likely as Allen can succeed in multiple schemes. 

Cam Robinson, OT, Alabama= Trent Williams, Washington Redskins; Tyron Smith, Dallas Cowboys

“I really like to watch those two guys and take little bits and pieces out of their game.  I’m not sure if I’m at Tyron Smith’s level yet, but he’s great in space, he can get out on screens and get down the field.  He can do some great things.”

Our take: Robinson is a monster, but he lacks the athleticism of a Tyron Smith.  He’s probably more of a Russell Okung type of player, which wouldn’t be a bad career at all. 

Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A & M= Von Miller, Denver Broncos

“I usually watch Von (Miller).  He’s one of the best doing it now.  Also J.J. Watt and Justin Houston.  Those guys are at the very top, the very peak of pass rusher.  Those guys are the best.  I watch those guys and see how they do it and how they affect the game and I do the same thing.

Our take: Garrett is explosive, but Miller is on a different level and a little bit smaller.  Garrett seems more like an Aldon Smith or Jason Pierre-Paul (pre-injury) without the off the field concerns.  

Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State= Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs

“He’s a big back who is fast and can do a lot of things.  I’m a pretty big back.”

Our take: Cook can actually be a better pro than Jamaal Charles.  He’s a great pure runner and is big enough to run between the tackles.  He is on the same level as a prospect as Ezekiel Elliot and could be more explosive than Le’Veon Bell. 

Trevor Knight, QB Texas A & M= Russell Wilson

“On the pro level, I like Russell Wilson.  He’s a dual-threat guy who can hurt you with his arm and tuck it down and run and do that as well.”

Our take: Russell Wilson is a special football player and Knight isn’t quite that prospect.  He seems like more of a Chase Daniel type with an upside of being a good backup.  He’ll have to likely make a team as an undrafted guy and maximize his limited opportunities. 

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