When Should Each Team Draft a QB In The AFC South?


Quarterbacks are the most valuable assets in the National Football League.  There was no truer example of that then the handsome contract that Brock Osweiler was granted by the Houston Texans.

QB’s can be used as insurance, trading chips and give franchises more stability.  We know that 32 quarterbacks won’t be selected in the 2016 NFL Draft. With that in mind, we are going to look at each team’s quarterback situations and when they should think about drafting one.

Houston Texans

Current quarterbacks on the roster- Brock Osweiler, Brian Hoyer, Brandon Weeden, Tom Savage

Stuck in quarterback purgatory, the Houston Texans took a swing on former Broncos second-round pick Brock Osweiler to be their franchise guy.  The lack of front office job security may have contributed to Osweiler’s massive contract after just seven starts, but he is the present and immediate future of the franchise.

Brian Hoyer eventually rose to the top of the Texans quarterback depth chart last season, but his horrific postseason start against Kansas City proved once again that the team needed a different answer.  It’s unlikely that Hoyer will be on the roster as the team enters training camp later this summer.

Brandon Weeden was recently re-signed after doing an admirable job as Hoyer’s backup, and he will likely be the veteran backup to Osweiler.  Tom Savage is the developmental prospect that the team spent a fourth round draft pick on.

So when should they think about adding a quarterback?

It’s tough to imagine that Houston would spend any draft pick on a quarterback, as they have four already on the roster including a developmental prospect.  Perhaps they can bring in a guy after the draft to compete with Savage, who hasn’t looked the part in his first two seasons.

Indianapolis Colts

Current quarterbacks on the roster- Andrew Luck, Scott Tolzien, Stephen Morris

Andrew Luck is the prototypical great young quarterback and if he stays healthy, he’s one of the very best in the NFL.  Luck is the measuring stick for all other young quarterbacks, despite his tendency to turn the football over.

Scott Tolzien is a veteran backup with a limited skill set, and he’s a perfect fit behind a great, young quarterback.  Stephen Morris is a former undrafted rookie with a live arm and some mobility.  He’s a nice developmental prospect.

So when should they think about adding a quarterback?

It’s difficult to envision any scenario where the Colts select a quarterback in the 2016 NFL Draft. With general manager Ryan Grigson’s job security tenuous (despite an extension), the team has too many other holes to fill than to spend a pick on someone who i na perfect world will never play. The Colts will likely bring in an undrafted rookie to challenge Morris for a practice squad position.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Current quarterbacks on the roster- Blake Bortles, Chad Henne

Jaguars second-year quarterback Blake Bortles broke out in 2015, accounting for 37 touchdowns on his way to becoming one of the NFL’s most improved players.  Bortles has all the skills of an Andrew Luck, and the Jaguars feel secure with the former UCF Knight as the future of their franchise.

Chad Henne is a classic veteran backup who has been there and done that.  He was a former second-round pick and future of the Miami Dolphins franchise, and when that went south he went up I-95 to Jacksonville to become a professional backup.  Henne is signed through 2017.

So when should they think about adding a quarterback?

The Jaguars have too many holes on the defense to spent any type of first or second day pick on the quarterback position.  They are secure with Bortles and Henne, but it would be nicer if they had a developmental type of prospect.  It’s difficult to envision the team selecting a quarterback before the sixth or seventh round, and the most likely road they will take will be to bring one in after the draft to hopefully develop as a prospect on the practice squad.

Tennessee Titans

Current quarterbacks on the roster- Marcus Mariota, Matt Cassel, Zach Mettenberger, Alex Tanney

The Titans drafted their quarterback of the present and future last season in Marcus Mariota and he had a terrific rookie season.  Tennessee believed so much in Mariota that they kept interim head coach Mike Mularkey on as their full time leader to avoid any type of drastic changes on offense.

Matt Cassel is a classic veteran backup, who is extremely limited in terms of skill.  Cassel was given up on by two teams last year and there’s no guarantee that he’ll make the roster.

Zach Mettenberger is a solid developmental prospect with a very good arm, and if he has a strong preseason there could be a market for him via trade.  Mettenberger is signed through 2017 on his rookie deal, which makes him even more attractive for the Titans or another interested party.

Alex Tanney is a developmental prospect that is likely a practice squad guy.

So when should they think about adding a quarterback?

Like most of the teams in the AFC South, quarterback isn’t exactly a pressing need for the Titans. The used the second-overall pick in the draft last year on Mariota and with a veteran backup, younger backup and developmental prospect already on the roster it doesn’t make a lot of sense for the team to add anyone, despite having a wealth of draft picks.

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