Week 7 NFL Observations


Find out everything you need to know about the weekends games in a quick two-minute read.

N.Y. Giants, 17 Los Angeles 10

The Giants defense stepped up in a big way and forced Case Keenum into a horrible game.  The offense still looks somewhat broken, but they’re still in the hunt….The Rams need to get Jared Goff ready to play; they’re going nowhere with Keenum.

Kansas City 27, New Orleans 21

The Chiefs played a solid game offensively and Alex Smith might quietly be an MVP candidate.  Kansas City is still a Super Bowl contender if they can get the right road there….The Saints are not a real contender and they need a complete rebuild.

Indianapolis 34, Tennessee 26

Andrew Luck plays his best football against the AFC South, but then again so does everyone.  The Colts are back in the division title race and really should be the favorite as they have the only real functional quarterback….The Titans run the ball really well, but until they can throw it down the field they will be limited against explosive teams.  

Philadelphia 21, Minnesota 10

If the Eagles can play against Sam Bradford every week they’d probably have a very good record.  Important win for them to stay in the NFC East hunt….The Vikings need to dominate on defense and special teams with their offense being as spotty as it is every week.

Cincinnati 31, Cleveland 17

The Bengals are back in the AFC North race as the Steelers and Ravens both lost.  If Ben Roethlisberger misses more time, the Bengals could win the division with a 9-7 record….The Browns are on quarterback No. 6 through seven weeks.  That pretty much tells you all you need to know.

Detroit 20, Washington 17

Matt Stafford is playing at an MVP type of level and the Lions are a couple of bad breaks away from being 6-1.  They’ll be a tough out the rest of the way….Washington is just an average team and they’ll have to play better to keep pace with the Cowboys.

Oakland 33, Jacksonville 16

The Raiders continued to do a job against bad teams, but that’s what good teams do.  Their schedule sets up for them to win 10 games and make the playoffs….It’s tough to know exactly what rock bottom looks like for the Jaguars, but after two players got ejected this has to be close.  A bad showing on Thursday night could cost Gus Bradley his job.

Miami 28, Buffalo 25

The Dolphins found their running back of the present and future in Jay Ajayi.  If they can get Ryan Tannehill playing up to his potential, they can be reasonably good….Tough loss by the Bills who are trying to break a 16 year playoff drought.  The defense has to be better up front.

N.Y. Jets 24, Baltimore 16

The Geno Smith era lasted just over one quarter, as he tore his ACL.  It’s back to Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is probably their best quarterback, but not best for the long term….The Ravens 3-0 start really was a fluke and this is who they actually are.  Just an average team.

Tampa Bay 34, San Francisco 17

The Bucs aren’t as good as their 3-3 record, but all you can do is beat who’s on your schedule.  The playoffs are a long shot…..So it turns out that the 49ers stink no matter who is playing quarterback.  It’s tough to imagine Trent Baalke back and if he goes, Chip Kelly likely does too.

San Diego 33, Atlanta 30

The Chargers are finding ways to win games for a change and they’re right in the thick of the AFC West race.  A couple better bounces of the football earlier this season and they would be in really good shape right now….The Falcons are sliding back to where their talent level would suggest.

New England 27, Pittsburgh 16

There’s a lot of football to play, but it’s tough to imagine the Patriots not being in the Super Bowl, much less the AFC Championship Game.  They’re just better than everyone else….The Steelers defense looked soft and they need to fix that or else it won’t matter when Big Ben returns.

Seattle 6, Arizona 6

The Seahawks nearly stole a game they had no business winning.  By tying instead of losing, they put some distance between them and the Cardinals and it would take a collapse to lose the NFC West….The Cardinals have to feel sick and now they should be solely focused on the wildcard.

Denver 27, Houston 9

The Broncos formula of winning with just a play or two from the quarterback position will only get them so far.  It’s a dangerous way to live….The Texans made a huge mistake with Brock Osweiler, and they know it.  Unfortunately, they still can’t do anything about it.

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