Week 6 NFL Power Rankings


  1. New England Patriots- Tom Brady is back and Rob Gronkowski is getting healthier.  They are the team to beat in the AFC, if not the entire NFL.
  2. Minnesota Vikings- When they don’t turn the ball over, they can’t be beat.  Up to this point, they haven’t turned it over.
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers- Their offense is as explosive as any in the league, and the defense is getting better.
  4. Denver Broncos- Paxton Lynch wasn’t quite ready and they have Trevor Siemian back.  He gets the Chargers defense, so that should be productive.
  5. Atlanta Falcons- Are the Falcons good?  They keep winning and they beat some pretty good teams. I’m not convinced about their defense.
  6. Green Bay Packers- They’re winning without Aaron Rodgers playing his best football.  That’s a very good sign.
  7. Seattle Seahawks- Russell Wilson is playing at an MVP level and the ‘Hawks defense is always at the top of their game.
  8. Oakland Raiders- They’re a first place team, but I’m not sure how good they actually are.  They haven’t beaten anyone particularly good and haven’t won in decisive fashion against anyone.
  9. Dallas Cowboys- They win games by running the ball and playing solid defense.  Dak Prescott is not only the Rookie of the Year so far, he’s a legitimate MVP candidate.
  10. Philadelphia Eagles- They’re playing some solid defense and when they don’t turn the ball over they can hang with anyone.  The loss of Lane Johnson will hurt.
  11. Buffalo Bills- Marcel Dareus is back and they’re playing some really good football over the past three weeks.  Totally different outlook from the first two weeks.
  12. Baltimore Ravens- The Ravens aren’t as good as their 3-2 record, but they have a chance to win any game with Joe Flacco.
  13. Kansas City Chiefs- They are a solid team, but they don’t have the firepower to compete with elite quarterbacks.
  14. Washington Redskins- They don’t do anything that makes you scream out loud that they’re a great team, but they’ve come back nicely from their bad start.
  15. Los Angeles Rams- We probably should believe in this team more, but it feels like a smoke and mirrors operation.  Still, good job by Jeff Fisher.
  16. Cincinnati Bengals- It just hasn’t clicked yet for Cincy, but the roster is too good for them to be this mediocre for much longer.
  17. Arizona Cardinals- Carson Palmer is back and it’s not too late to salvage the season.  The defense has to play better.
  18. Houston Texans- A product of their weakened schedule.  They made a mistake with Brock Osweiler.
  19. New York Giants- The Giants seem like that team that can beat anyone or lose to anyone on a given week.  They’re no better with Bob McAdoo than Tom Coughlin.
  20. Carolina Panthers- This is a reputation ranking only.  They’ve earned their 1-4 record.
  21. Detroit Lions- Just an average team with an average quarterback.  The Marvin Jones signing looks good.
  22. Indianapolis Colts- Good quarterback, bad coach, worse general manager.  They must outscore people to win and that grows tiresome.
  23. New York Jets- This is another reputation ranking.  The defense has been terrible and Fitzpatrick has been himself.
  24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Good players with a losing culture.  Jameis is turning the ball over far too often.
  25. Tennessee Titans- They have a really good offensive line and if they can get just enough out of the passing game, .500 is a realistic goal.
  26. New Orleans Saints- At least they’re on a winning streak.
  27. San Diego Chargers- They’re why the Saints are on a winning streak.
  28. Chicago Bears- Brian Hoyer is actually playing good football.  That in itself is a temporary miracle.
  29. Jacksonville Jaguars- Good players, bad coaching, losing culture.
  30. Miami Dolphins- They can lose to anyone, any week.  No heart.
  31. San Francisco 49ers- Gabbert is on the bench and now it’s Kaepernick’s turn.  It’s still a terrible team around him.
  32. Cleveland Browns- They’re an injury riddled mess.  We expected a rebuild, so nobody should be overly surprised.

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Charlie Bernstein

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