Week 3 NFL Quarterback Rankings- Who Has The Best Matchups


We will rank every starting quarterback based on talent level, and most importantly the level of talent on the opponent they will face.  If we were going purely on talent, Aaron Rodgers would be No. 1 every week.  Since he has a tougher matchup than Tom Brady this week, you’ll see Brady at No. 1.  This is how the rankings shake out:

  1. Tom Brady vs. Jacksonville- Brady should tear apart a secondary that’s loaded with injuries.
  2. Aaron Rodgers vs. Kansas City- It’s a tough defense that Rodgers is going against, but he’s the best in the business.
  3. Russell Wilson vs. Chicago- No, Wilson is not the third-best QB in the NFL, but he has the most favorable of matchups this Sunday.
  4. Andrew Luck @ Tennessee- Luck is having a miserable start to his season, but he will bounce back in this one.
  5. Ben Roethlisberger @ St. Louis- The Rams have a great front four, but Big Ben will still play well.
  6. Cam Newton vs. New Orleans- The Saints defense is terrible and Newton is fantastic.
  7. Matt Ryan @ Dallas- The Cowboys defense has played well, but with Brandon Weeden engineering the offense they will likely be on the field longer and exposed more.
  8. Peyton Manning @ Detroit- Manning will be playing indoors and he should feast against the Lions secondary.
  9. Carson Palmer vs. San Francisco- Palmer is off to a great start and that should continue on Sunday.
  10. Philip Rivers @ Minnesota- Rivers is one of the best quarterbacks in the league and he’ll play well against a pretty good defense.
  11. Teddy Bridgewater vs. San Diego- Bridgewater should play well against a pretty questionable Chargers pass rush.
  12. Marcus Mariota vs. Indianapolis- The Colts defense hasn’t been particularly good and Mariota is the best quarterback that they’ve faced this year.
  13. Alex Smith @ Green Bay- Smith will play his dink and dunk game well, but it won’t be enough.
  14. Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. Philadelphia- Fitz is the ultimate game manager, but the matchup is right for him to have success.
  15. Nick Foles vs. Pittsburgh- Foles isn’t all that talented, but the Steelers defense is much worse.
  16. Andy Dalton @ Baltimore- Dalton has struggled in these spots against division opponents before so it’s tough to have too much confidence here.
  17. Eli Manning vs. Washington- Eli should carve up a not-so-good Redskins secondary.
  18. Joe Flacco vs. Cincinnati- Flacco hasn’t had a great start to the season and he plays a very talented defense.
  19. Derek Carr @ Cleveland- Carr should outplay Josh McCown on Sunday, even though he’s facing the better defense on the road.
  20. Drew Brees @ Carolina- Brees has a hurt shoulder and might not play.  If he does, he’s facing a tough Panthers defense on the road.
  21. Kirk Cousins @ N.Y. Giants– Cousins isn’t as good as the numbers show, but the Giants defense hasn’t been great.
  22. Colin Kaepernick @ Arizona- Kaepernick is quietly off to a pretty good start and he should play well again.
  23. Matt Stafford vs. Denver- Stafford has been inconsistent, but he returns home and has the weapons to have a big game against a very good pass rush.
  24. Ryan Mallett vs. Tampa Bay- Mallett hasn’t been particularly good, but he will play against a pretty bad Bucs defense.  That should help him, even without DeAndre Hopkins.
  25. Blake Bortles @ New England- While we don’t think Bortles will light anything up in his first time facing a Bill Belichick defense, he should have opportunities to make plays against that secondary.
  26. Tyrod Taylor @ Miami- Taylor should bounce back and make some plays with his feet against a Dolphins defense that didn’t look good a week ago.
  27. Ryan Tannehill vs. Buffalo- Tannehill has played really well, but the Bills have a very good defense.
  28. Josh McCown vs. Oakland- The matchup is good for McCown, but at this point in his career he’s just a guy.
  29. Sam Bradford vs. N.Y. Jets- Bradford hasn’t been good for three out of four halves of football this season and he faces a very good defense.
  30. Jameis Winston @ Houston- Rookie quarterback versus J.J. Watt.  I think we know how this will probably go.
  31. Brandon Weeden vs. Atlanta- Weeden gets his first start as a Dallas Cowboy and it comes against an improved, but not great Falcons defense.
  32. Jimmy Clausen @ Seattle- Backup quarterback playing the defending NFC champs who are desperate in their building.  This has disaster written all over it.

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