Week 15 NFL Picks


We finally had that bounce-back week we were looking for as we went 11-5, at one point winning 10 straight games including our upset picks of Jacksonville, Oakland and Pittsburgh.  This week we’ll try to add to the success.

New York Jets vs. Dallas

It’s difficult to imagine the Cowboys scoring much against the Jets defense.  They shut down a much better quarterback in Marcus Mariota last week, and it will be a surprise if Matt Cassel can navigate his team to more than two scores.  Jets 31, Cowboys 10. 

Chicago vs. Minnesota

The Vikings have a much better roster, but the Bears have a much better quarterback and head coach.  Although Minnesota has a little breathing room in terms of the Wildcard, they’d still like to win the division or at the very least get the No. 5 seed and play the NFC East champ.  It’s a week to week league. Bears 24, Vikings 21. 

Atlanta vs. Jacksonville

The Falcons have been in a major tailspin, dropping six straight games.  The Jaguars should be feeling good about themselves after putting up 51 points last week against the rival Colts.  Perhaps they’re feeling a little too good about themselves?  Upset special.  Falcons 38, Jaguars 31. 

Houston vs. Indianapolis

T.J. Yates is the starting quarterback for the Texans.  Matt Hasselbeck will likely start for the Colts until he gets hurt.  This game could get ugly, but even with the backup (to the backup) quarterback, the Texans are a better team.  Texans 17, Colts 13. 

Carolina vs. New York

This is a trendy upset special pick, but we don’t like trendy.  And the Panthers really don’t like trendy.  Carolina will run the ball all over the Giants and bracket the great Odell Beckham to limit his effectiveness.  Panthers 27, Giants 19. 

Tennessee vs. New England

It’s a tall order for a rookie quarterback to beat a Bill Belichick defense, especially when the rookie has a terrible team around him.  The Titans will hang for a while, but they don’t have the weaponry to keep up.  Patriots 31, Titans 13. 

Buffalo vs. Washington

These are two wildly inconsistent teams with unknown quantities at quarterback.  Take that out and you have a better head coach in Buffalo and a better roster with more weapons.  Bills 31, Redskins 20. 

Kansas City vs. Baltimore

The Chiefs are trending up and the Ravens are going nowhere.  The only question in this game will be if Matt Schaub plays, and if he does, will he throw another pick-six?  The Chiefs should win big.  Chiefs 27, Ravens 10. 

Cleveland vs. Seattle

There truly isn’t enough points that you can give me to take Cleveland.  Russell Wilson is playing the best football of his career, despite what Mike Pettine thinks about him being “elite.” Johnny Football is going to struggle in a major way.  Seahawks 41, Browns 6. 

Green Bay vs. Oakland

The Packers still haven’t played their best football game of the season.  The Raiders have to be feeling great after winning in Denver last week.  This is a trendy upset pick, but again, we don’t like trendy.  Packers 31, Raiders 23. 

Denver vs. Pittsburgh

The Broncos couldn’t score a single point in the second half of last week’s game against Oakland.  Now, they’re on the road in Pittsburgh and Brock Osweiler has to keep up with Big Ben.  That’s not going to go well.  Steelers 27, Broncos 19. 

Miami vs. San Diego

When Miami gives the ball to Lamar Miller, the offense is productive.  Then they stop giving it to him and things go south.  The Chargers might be playing their final game in San Diego and what better way to leave the NFL’s worst stadium than with a loss!  Dolphins 24, Chargers 21. 

Cincinnati vs. San Francisco

This should be a nice defense for A.J. McCarron to ease his way into a starting role against.  This might be the only time that the Niners have an advantage at quarterback, but it shouldn’t matter when you look at the rest of each roster.  Bengals 20, 49ers 16. 

Arizona vs. Philadelphia

The Cards have a better quarterback, head coach and roster.  The Eagles are playing at home.  It’s more than likely that both the Giants and Redskins will have already lost by the time Philly kicks off, so this is a real opportunity for them to take control of the NFC East.  They won’t do so.  Cardinals 31, Eagles 21. 

Detroit vs. New Orleans

Before the season began this looked like a much better Monday Night Football matchup.  This game could go either way and it should actually be pretty intriguing as you have two potentially very good offenses going against questionable defenses.  I’ll take the future Hall of Famer at home.  Saints 31, Lions 29. 

Last week: 11-5

Season: 117-90

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