Week 13 NFL Power Rankings


  1. Carolina Panthers 11-0: It’s not just that the Carolina Panthers are the only undefeated team left in football. The Panthers are controlling the pace of games and winning them handily, even when odds-makers are foolish enough to have them as underdogs against 3-7 football teams.
  2. New England Patriots 10-1: There’s plenty of reason for concern as injuries are mounting up for the New England Patriots, but considering it still took overtime to hand them their first loss, we won’t panic and send them shooting down this list just yet.
  3. Arizona Cardinals 9-2: There was nothing impressive or dominant about the Arizona Cardinals 19-13 victory over the struggling 49ers, but we’ll chalk that up to it being a divisional game, because as we saw against Cincinnati last week, the Cardinals are absolutely one of the league’s best.
  4. Cincinnati Bengals 9-2: The Cincinnati Bengals just keep winning as their division crumbles around them. They’ll be in the playoffs once again come January, the question is if Andy Dalton and company can change their fortunes once the tournament begins.
  5. Denver Broncos 9-2: The Denver Broncos victory over the Patriots Sunday night was huge. The Broncos now know if they can’t get Peyton Manning healthy and back to being himself they have a young man capable of running the offense. We’re still not ready to bet on Brock Osweiler over names like Cam Newton, Tom Brady, Carson Palmer or Andy Dalton just yet.
  6. Minnesota Vikings 8-3: Adrian Peterson leads the league in rushing, Teddy Bridgewater is developing into a solid young quarterback, and the Vikings defense is playing very well. It’s unlikely that anyone is picking Minnesota to go to the Super Bowl, but they won’t be a pushover in January.
  7. Green Bay Packers 7-4 After the Top 6, it feels like every team in football has some pretty big question marks and is in trouble. The Packers might be the best of that bunch. Maybe.
  8. Seattle Seahawks 6-5: The Seattle Seahawks still look like a shell of the team that went to back to back Super Bowls, but you know it scares every other contender that they’ll get hot and do it again if they make the playoffs.
  9. Pittsburgh Steelers 6-5: The AFC is so wide open right now, the Steelers have to feel like they’ve got a really good shot if they can get into the playoffs. They’re just so banged up, it’s hard to see them making a run.
  10. New York Jets 6-5: The New York Jets are as wildly inconsistent as Ryan Fitzpatrick’s career. One week they look ready to compete with anyone in football, and the next week, well, not so much.
  11. Kansas City Chiefs 6-5: All of a sudden, a season that once looked lost is looking very promising. The Chiefs are right in the Wildcard chase, and they might have the easiest remaining schedule of any team in football. Oh, and they’re playing pretty well right now too.
  12. Indianapolis Colts 6-5: The Indianapolis Colts continue to get it done with Matt Hasselbeck. They took an early shot from a young surging Bucs team Sunday, but then proceeded to control the second half to hang onto their share of first place in the AFC South.
  13. Houston Texans 6-5: The Houston Texans’ defense is starting to play very well, and the Texans 24-6 victory over the Saints was the team’s fourth-straight victory. The Texans and Colts battle for the AFC South should be interesting down the stretch.
  14. Buffalo Bills 5-6: Rex Ryan is now under .500 in his first season as Buffalo Bills head coach after the team was very optimistic to start the season after a dominant win over Indianapolis and hanging tough against the Patriots.
  15. Atlanta Falcons 6-5: The Atlanta Falcons have lost four games in a row, and suddenly Matt Ryan has become a turnover machine in the red zone. If the Falcons don’t turn it around quickly, a season that began 5-0, will end without a playoff appearance.
  16. Washington Redskins 5-6: Don’t look now, but the Washington Redskins lead the NFC East at 5-6. Yes, they stink, but right now the entire NFC East is a dumpster fire.
  17. Chicago Bears 5-6: For much of the season we’ve been saying that it was a testament to John Fox that Chicago was hanging around. Well the Bears aren’t just hanging around anymore, they’re winning football games.
  18. New York Giants 5-6: Just about anyone you asked assumed the New York Giants were going to beat the Redskins Sunday and take control of the NFC East. Instead they fell flat on their faces. The offensive line is really banged up, and we saw again how bad this offense is when things aren’t working up front.
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5-6: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers fell short against the Colts on Sunday, but they’re still feeling very good about the direction of the NFL’s youngest team. The Bucs couldn’t be happier with the development and character of Jameis Winston, and that was the most important thing for 2015.
  20. Oakland Raiders 5-6: The Oakland Raiders have a ton of young talent, but they’ve had to adjust their expectations a little bit as the team has stumbled after a strong start. The Raiders have brighter days ahead, but 2015 probably won’t be the year.
  21. Miami Dolphins 4-7: The Dolphins aren’t done trying whatever they can to find some kind of progress this season. This week they fired offensive coordinator Bill Lazor.
  22. New Orleans Saints 4-7: This season has pretty much just been confirmation that it’s time to blow it up and start all over again. It’s going to get worse before it gets better again.
  23. St. Louis Rams 4-7: Jeff Fisher would like you to kiss his ass if you want to question the St. Louis Rams effort. Of course, if the talent is good, and the effort is good, you know what’s next, right Jeff?
  24. Detroit Lions 4-7: See, we told you the Detroit Lions were at least mediocre. Say what you will, but mediocre is a compliment after a 1-7 start.
  25. Dallas Cowboys 3-8: The discussion in Dallas isn’t even about 2015 anymore. At this point, the Cowboys have to be asking themselves if they can ever count on Tony Romo again. For all of the talent in Dallas, they might just be the next team to fall into quarterback purgatory.
  26. San Francisco 49ers 3-8: The San Francisco 49ers has been a kick in the pants of Niners fans since long before the season began. At this point they just can’t wait to get it over with.
  27. Philadelphia Eagles 4-7: Earlier we called the NFC East a dumpster fire. At this point, the Eagles are basically the accelerant. Their performance the last two weeks against the Bucs and Lions has been really bad and looks like a team that’s quitting.
  28. Baltimore Ravens 4-7: We can’t really give the Baltimore Ravens a ton of credit for that victory in Cleveland, can we?
  29. San Diego Chargers 3-8: The San Diego Chargers have been awful this season, but at least they could count on having the Jaguars on their schedule to pick up a victory on Sunday.
  30. Jacksonville Jaguars 4-7: For every victory, there’s a maddening loss, and for every bright spot on offense, there’s a play where Blake Bortles is throwing the ball four yards past the line of scrimmage. The Jags still aren’t that close.
  31. Tennessee Titans 2-9: The Tennessee Titans are probably worse than the Cleveland Browns, but at least they’ve got a couple of things figured out. You know, like quarterback.
  32. Cleveland Browns 2-9: What can we say to Browns fans that they haven’t already said with a few colorful adjectives to boot.

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