Week 11 NFL Observations


Pittsburgh 24, Cleveland 9

This is a game the Steelers had to win and did.  Thursday night at Indianapolis probably without Andrew Luck is another one of those games.  As bad as Pittsburgh has looked at times this year, they still have an excellent chance to win the division….The Browns tank job is causing their quarterbacks to get hurt.  It’s really unfortunate what they’re doing, even if the “metrics” say otherwise.

Dallas 27, Baltimore 17

The Cowboys offensive line can not be stopped right now.  They are mauling people and Dak Prescott is playing like a Pro Bowl quarterback…..The Ravens aren’t as good as their 5-5 record, but the defense has been a nice surprise.  

Detroit 26, Jacksonville 19

The Lions couldn’t have played a worse football game and still won.  That’s the power of playing a Gus Bradley coached team.  Matt Stafford has ascended toward elite status and he’s going to get paid..again…..Six more weeks until Bradley is let go for the Jaguars.  I’ve never seen a team this talented be this bad.

Indianapolis 24, Tennessee 17

The Colts absolutely own this matchup, but the win came at a cost as Andrew Luck is in the concussion protocol.  The team will likely be without him against Pittsburgh on Thanksgiving, making it virtually impossible to win that game…..The Titans are having a good season, but they can’t seem to get over the hump in the division.

Buffalo 16, Cincinnati 12

The Bills stayed alive in terms of Wildcard contention, but this next six games will determine the futures of Tyrod Taylor and Rex Ryan, playoffs aside….The Bengals season is over, and it looks like they’re a little too old in spots and may have missed their window.

Tampa Bay 19, Kansas City 17

Tampa Bay kept their playoff hopes alive with a huge win in a tough road environment.  They are the most dangerous “bad team” in the NFL…..The Chiefs needed this game to keep pace with the Raiders in the AFC West.  They should still make the playoffs, but they have virtually no shot to get through if they have to play on the road.

N.Y. Giants 22, Chicago 16

The Giants are one of the hottest teams in football, but they still don’t pass the eye test.  The good news for Giants fans is that they didn’t pass it in 2007 or in 2011 and that turned out pretty well…..The Bears lost Jay Cutler for the season and they are another team that’s playing out the string.

Minnesota 30, Arizona 24

The Vikings found some much-needed offense and special teams and won a huge game to stay in first place in the NFC North.  Nobody really believes that they’re the contender we once though a month ago, but the offensive line is getting healthier….The Cardinals season is probably over, and they may have missed their Super Bowl window.

Miami 14, Los Angeles 10

The Dolphins once again did the bare minimum to get a win, but it’s better than the alternative.  At 6-4, they are in the thick of the Wildcard hunt and that’s a pretty big surprise considering how the season began….The Rams with Jared Goff weren’t really any worse than with Case Keenum.  Maybe he should have been playing for the past month or so.

New England 30, San Francisco 17

Business as usual for Tom Brady.  Four more touchdowns in his hometown (sort of) and he continues to defy Father Time…..The 49ers played one of their best games of the season.  The fact that they lost by 13 points at home speaks volumes about the talent level on their roster.

Seattle 26, Philadelphia 15

Russell Wilson is playing the best football of his life and the Seahawks are peaking at the right time….Carson Wentz will have better days, and it doesn’t get any tougher on a quarterback than traveling to Seattle and playing against that defense.

Washington 42, Green Bay 24

Kirk Cousins has made himself another $20+ million with his play this season and the great performance on national television has cemented that….The Packers are done, and a big part of it is their terrible roster around Aaron Rodgers.

Oakland 27, Houston 20

The Raiders are a legitimate contender in the AFC and there’s not much about this team not to like.  They’re tough, have a talented quarterback and they believe they can win against anyone…..The Texans were the victims of bad refereeing, laser pointers and their own head coach.  They don’t trust their quarterback.

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