Week 10 NFL Power Rankings


1New England Patriots – Even a bye week couldn’t remove New England from their pedestal.

2. Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys didn’t have a bye week, but one would beg to differ considering they played the winless Browns.

3. Oakland Raiders – Before Sunday night, many pointed at Oakland’s weak schedule. After defeating Denver, it’s becoming more difficult to deny Oakland as a legitimate contender.

4. Kansas City Chiefs – Winning ugly frustrates fans, but a win is a win, right? The Chiefs are currently on a four-game winning streak.

5. Atlanta Falcons – Following their big win against Green Bay, Atlanta was set up for a trap game in Tampa Bay four days later. However, the Falcons avoided the trap with a 43-28 victory.

6. Denver Broncos – Division games on the road are always the toughest, which is why Denver didn’t drop much.

7. Seattle Seahawks – Jimmy Graham is back? It sure appeared so this past Monday night. If so, this Seattle offense will look like we all envisioned it to be when acquiring Graham a year ago.

8. Washington Redskins – Before their unusual tie with the Bengals, the Redskins had won four of their last five games.

9. Houston Texans – This is the only team to be undefeated at home and winless on the road. Luckily, they’ve played five games at home thus far.

10. New York Giants – Don’t look now, but the Giants have won three straight. If they get into the playoffs, anything is possible.

11. Minnesota Vikings – Injuries have derailed the Vikings. This team started off 5-0, but now they’ve lost three straight.

12. Philadelphia Eagles – Their quick start was an illusion, to say the least. At the end of the day, this team is very young, so it would’ve been naive to think they wouldn’t experience some downs.

13. New Orleans Saints – Behind the arm of Drew Brees, the Saints find themselves in the thick of the NFC South race.

14. Detroit Lions – In what you would call a mid-season must-win, the Lions delivered in a major victory over Minnesota.

15. Green Bay Packers – At 4-4, this is their worst start at the midway point since 2009. Packers fans, just relax.

16. Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins were written off by many a few weeks ago. Now, they’re sitting at .500 due to their current three-game winning streak.

17. Baltimore Ravens – Similar to Miami, many assumed it was going to be another long season for Baltimore, which doesn’t appear to be the case now.

18. Indianapolis Colts – Let’s just say if this team didn’t have Andrew Luck, they could very well be winless.

19. San Diego Chargers – Somehow, someway, San Diego always finds a way to hang around in the playoff hunt.

20. Arizona Cardinals – Fresh off their bye week, it’s now or never for Arizona to prove if they’re a legitimate Super Bowl contender or even a playoff contender.

21. Tennessee Titans – Despite a heartbreaking loss in San Diego, this young team continues to show promise.

22. Pittsburgh Steelers – Big Ben missing a few games just completely derailed this team’s confidence. However, don’t count them out just yet.

23. Carolina Panthers – After winning two straight, the Panthers are in a position to compete, but they don’t have much room for error.

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Before the season began, the Bucs had high expectations for the first time in a while, but they’ve underachieved thus far to say the least.

25. Cincinnati Bengals- It’s only a matter of time before they start looking like the Bengals of last year, right?

26. Buffalo Bills – The season of streaks. Buffalo lost their first two, won the next four and now they’ve lost their last three.

27. Los Angeles Rams – Everything was good at first in L.A., but all good things must come to an end sooner rather than later. The Rams are currently on a four-game skid.

28. Chicago Bears – All season long, I’ve said the Bears are better than what their record shows, but like the great Bill Parcells once said, “you are what your record says you are”.

29. New York Jets – On paper, the Jets have tons of roster talent, but their quarterback situation is just so poor.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars – Gus Bradley is definitely on the clock.

31. San Francisco 49ers – From a talent standpoint, I’m not sure if they’re better than Cleveland.

32. Cleveland Browns – The 0-16 watch is in full effect.

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