Top NCAA Football Prospects To Watch on Saturday


The college football season is starting to get interesting as the top teams are starting to work their way toward the top. This week, there will be a plethora of interesting football games between top teams, which will go a long way toward determining who the four playoff teams will be at the end of this year.

Also, there will be a ton of great individual matchups that will pit NFL-caliber talent against each other. Therefore, let’s take a look at a few of those individual matchups that will take place on Saturday.

Myles Garrett vs. Cam Robinson

Normally, the players in this article are reserved for draft-eligible talent; however, the matchup between underclassmen Myles Garrett and Cam Robinson is just too good to pass up.

Texas A&M’s Garrett is one of, if not, the top pass-rusher in college football as a true sophomore. Garrett comes off the snap with incredible quickness, which severely stresses the pass sets of the offensive lineman opposite of him. Garrett uses that quickness to set up a plethora of pass-rush moves where he can either get around the edge or dart inside to cause some pressure. As a run defender, he needs to work on his ability to utilize leverage at the point of attack, but as a pass-rusher he is special.

As amazing as Garrett is as a defensive end, Alabama’s Robinson is just as great of an offensive tackle. Robinson is one of the best offensive tackles in the country as just a true sophomore. Robinson is dominant in the run game as he uses his immense size, strength and efficiency of movement to get defenders off their spot. As a pass protector, Robinson is incredibly consistent and he always gets to his spot.

Altogether, this matchup is going to be one of the best individual battles of this season. Each player will have his good and bad moments, but there will be an immense amount of talent on display. Garret likely has a small edge in passing situation, but Robinson should have the edge in the run game.

Carl Nassib vs. Taylor Decker

Going into this season, Penn State Carl Nassib had little to no buzz as a draftable talent. Fast forward seven weeks and Nassib is one of the most productive defensive ends in the country with plenty of draft buzz. Nassib isn’t a flashy pass-rusher as he does wins with his technique and power rather than flat out athleticism like others in college football. Furthermore, Nassib is a well-rounded defensive end who is just as good against the run as he is against the pass.

The player who is primarily responsible with stopping Nassib is Ohio State left tackle Taylor Decker. Unlike Nassib, Decker received a ton of preseason buzz as a first-round talent at offensive tackle. Decker is a pro-ready tackle who is as consistent as they come at offensive tackle. Decker does a good job of anchoring against power rushes, but he struggles to be efficient with his footwork against speed-rushers.

Even though Ohio State should dominate this game in every possible way, this individual matchup will be hotly contested. Nassib has found a way to get it done against everyone he’s gone against this season. he has yet to face someone with the talent of Decker; therefore, it will be interesting to see how Nassib stacks up against NFL-caliber talent.

Antonio Morrison vs. Leonard Fournette

LSU running back Leonard Fournette is the biggest name in college football right now. He has been dominating opposing defense with his physicality and surprising athleticism. He is the runaway favorite tot win the Heisman Trophy and many think he should be able to enter the NFL after this season despite being a true sophomore.

The man who will be primarily tasked with slowing down this unstoppable force is Florida linebacker Antonio Morrison. There may not be a tougher player in football than Morrison as he has battled through a ton of adversity and still has become one of the best linebackers in the nation. Morrison is a quick and twitched-up linebacker who flows to the ball extremely quickly and when he arrives with a bang. He plays off blocks well and he is always around the ball.

Fournette is on a tear right now, but Morrison may be the man to put a stop to it. If Morrison can have a good showing against LSU, it will go a long way toward elevating his draft stock.

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