Tom Coughlin Isn’t “Necessarily Done Coaching”


Tom Coughlin held a press conference on Tuesday to discuss his decision to step down as the Giants head coach after 12 years with the team. Coughlin was full of energy talking about his time with the Giants, the difficulties of the last few seasons and much more during the session, which naturally started five minutes ahead of the scheduled time. “In professional football, the goal is to win. It’s a bottom-line profession,” Coughlin said. “My contention is there’s a higher ground, there’s a greater purpose, and that purpose is team.”

Coughlin also discussed what was next for him. He said he didn’t know for sure, but thinks that his wife will want him out of the house after 48 hours. He said he’s “not necessarily” done with coaching and the fire he showed during the press conference should have a few of the teams looking for a coach thinking about giving him a call before they get too much deeper into the search process.

Owner John Mara followed Coughlin to the podium and said that he asked Coughlin to remain in the organization in another role. It’s an offer that Coughlin told him that he’d consider, but, again, it was hard to watch Coughlin at the podium on Tuesday and think that there aren’t teams he could still help in the more familiar role as a head coach.

Source: Josh Alper of ProFootballTalk.com

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