Tom Brady Loves Watching Aaron Rodgers Play


Championship weekend is just a few days away, which means we’re close to finally seeing the two best quarterbacks go against each other in the Super Bowl.

Of course, we’re talking about Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. In a quarterback-driven league, what better way to showcase that than on the biggest stage with the top two players at the position?

As Brady prepares for the Pittsburgh Steelers, he was asked about Rodgers.

“I think he does things that no one in the league has ever done, or can do, just because of his physical ability,” Brady said. “Some of the plays he makes are just — they’re just phenomenal. Not just the throws but the scrambles.”

Even when Brady is busy, he makes a point to watch number 12 play.

“Everything really looks effortless with him, which is probably the amazing part. He’s definitely working hard, but he’s making hard look easy. It’s a very effortless style he plays with. The velocity of the ball, the placement of the ball, he’s just an incredible player. He works very hard at it, he’s a very talented player, and he’s just having an incredible season. It’s fun to watch him play I always love watching him play. Whenever he’s on, I usually stay up and watch.”

If both number 12s are able to handle busy this weekend, Brady will get an up close look at Rodgers.

Source: Pro Football Talk

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