Titans Take Marcus Mariota 2nd Overall- Full NFL Draft Analysis


The Tennessee Titans decided to forego each of the trade offers presented to them and select former Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota.

Football Insiders will have immediate analysis on every single pick from the first three rounds of the draft, and most of Rounds 4-7.

“Tennessee chose to look ahead to the future of their franchise and will have their first franchise quarterback since Steve McNair.  Mariota is an athletic quarterback that can run a spread offense, but will likely have some growing pains while trying to adjust to a pro-style system.  Still, Mariota has the highest upside of any quarterback in this draft and he’s squeaky clean off the field.  Smart pick by Ruston Webster and Ken Whisenhunt.”- Charlie Bernstein


“The Titans spent all offseason trying to sell us on Zach Mettenberger, but it never felt genuine. Tennessee has been starving for a franchise quarterback ever since Air McNair left town and Mariota has a chance to fill those massive shoes. This is a huge get for head coach and play-caller Ken Whisenhunt, who finally has a mobile quarterback who can attack every part of the field and execute the position at a consistently high level.”- Michael Lombardo


“The biggest question mark around Marcus Mariota will be his transition to the NFL, but there’s nothing in the young man’s history to make you believe he can’t make the transition. Ken Whisenhunt has had his success in the NFL with a more conventional style quarterback, but there’s clearly something he saw in Mariota to make him the pick. After all the speculation, Tennessee couldn’t pass up the qualities that made Marcus Mariota a Heisman Trophy winner at Oregon.”- Pat Donovan


“If the Eagles were offering as much as some sources are reporting to move up for Mariota, the Titans made a mistake not making a deal here. This team has holes all over the place and it sounds like Philly was willing to provide several chances to fill them. Mariota could become a star, but a deal might have gotten the Titans better faster.” – Alex Hickey

I don’t believe Marcus Mariota is a great fit in any NFL offense not run by Chip Kelly and I’m not sure what the Titans are thinking in not taking the Eagles’ reportedly ridiculous offer of two 1sts, Fletcher Cox and then some. The Titans need to build a team and that or any other offer would go a long way toward helping them. Mariota should be good eventually, but I don’t think he’ll ever be great. – Devon Jeffreys


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